Chelsea Grin : Chelsea Grin

Deathcore / USA
(2008 - Statik Factory Records)
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Useless waste of human flesh
Fucking everything you see
Body like an hourglass
But a soul just like a succubus
No, I will not fall victim to your disease
Or your hideous vagina trap
Like fucking a malady filled gangrenous wound
I want nothing to do with you
Love is dead instead, you'd rather give head
You stupid trick
I will end this
You're life is meaningless
Love is dead instead, you'd rather give head
Useless waste of human flesh
I will end this


I will never understand it
It still hurts to think about it
Take these walls away from me
And let me leave this place
So I can finally be sane
You were all my anything and everything could be
But just the very thought of you makes me feel unclean
I hate how easy it is for you to completely sicken me
You're always there in the back of my mind
Your words still cut their way into my head
Why won't this loathing feeling just leave me alone
I'm sick of seeing your face in all my dreams
Filth, pain, and disgust fill my head
If I could only just erase you from my memory


This will be your bleak dissolution
I will rid the world of your filth
And i will scourge you with no remorse
I will abolish all the pain you've caused
By your pillage of the innocent
Your horrid fate will not be quick
Grisly horrors will fall upon you
I will make your insides on the fucking outside
I'll tear through your skin and watch you rot
So where's your pleasure now?
It's not so pleasing when you are the one at the end of this misery
Oh but it is for, to sit and watch you bleed
So say your final prayer, but I'll promise you
God can't show you where to hide.


This is the true fucking disgrace when one out of three are diseased
The only thing I'll let you go down on is the barrel of my fucking gun
There is no dignity, There is no self respect
You can't say you have values while you're choking on a dick
I will show no lament while I'm thrusting my knife into your organs
You should have closed your legs
Bur now you'll have to endure the pain
Your body twitches and shakes
Your ailment will infect no more
This is the quietus of another scarlet whore


Your dress is lined with blood
You look so much better in red
And with your throat open
Your body twitches and squirms
As you suffocate on your own blood
With your last thoughts I hope you think of everything I've ever done for you
And how you left me to lie in my buried agony
I will never let myself sink that low again
But I'll let my knife sink deeper for reparations you bitch
Your eyes are getting heavy
But I won't let this end so quickly no, I want to watch your suffer
I see your lifeless corpse
And I can't help but laugh
You brought this upon yourself
Another wretched soul being slowly dragged to hell
This is the last life you fuck
You're dead you fucking slut

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