Cenotaph (MEX) : Saga Belica

Death Metal / Mexico
(2002 - Oz Productions)
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Hit the vains deep inside yourself
To be the wildest beast

My skin cuts all around me
Even the nearer beings

Nails with thirst of violence
Of perversity, with draining fear
In them,
With draining skin
Of the weak
Wild beast!! wear on their hands
Only sharper peaks
Traveling through the waves
Of sound and silence
Their voices looking rotten
Oxidized metal!!

Higer! Unreachable! Metalic! Untochable!
Sharper than axes Temperate in blood
Most cut all the air incendiary, cold and frost
Most put our names most put honour
In the Darkness beyond the minds

Like axes twisting your senses and ears
Turning a day in life
Into a war of metalic race


Just some more alive
Wounds, then I shall die

My heart still beating
Eating the rage
And spiting blood
With torment.
My age is lots of enemies
Felt away.

Alone in my mud
I'm the riot
Holocausto riot

I feel the proud
Of my ancient race
Mexica demons
Eating by the time
I'm one of them, yeah!
I fuck the weak
A seed they saw
It's me.

Holocausto riot


Blind in the sky
The blue of the life
Weak, threathbare
I'll overthrow

My heand on my heart
My soul skill stand up
With my blothers completed
In darkness
Everlasting the command

Command everlast!
Command everlast!
Command Everlast!
All the time!

We will kick all the weak
Just with our fist
And thorns in our hands
Are making wounds
Of the air
Always proudly, migthy forever
We'll eternally scream
Everlasting command
Never ever we will be
On our knees
Praying for mercy


1000 Voices aren't louder tha mine
1000 Axes aren't sharper than mine
And the eye of the torment
Can't be compared, to this hurricane

Unatural birth extreme
Hurricane cenotaph!!
Unatural birth steel
Hurricane cenotaph!!

Piles of corpses aren't as disgusting
At our hatred wrath
The night is not as black
Than colonys in our black oceans
The north isn't as far away as I am

1000 fists aren't harder than our hate
And the weak lay onward the hurricane
Breathing this violence hurricane

The chasm is a child
Crying aside this cenotaph
But this hurricane
Releases the hell

Let's all trust the speach of hurricane
Tempest will warm our souls
In revange for fallen ones

Breath the wind and take my eyes
Take the path I left behind
Unatural born gathered
At the cenotaph heart.


Powerful emperors, jaguars
Wolfs and hawks
To their service

A transportation of hell
To gardens of life
This town and themselfs

An the throats are screams
In this 6 strings (guitars)
Louder than the hell
Sinister and symphony

None of the unleashers
Of hell are weak
They're extreme
To extreme audiences

Adrenalize! no matter
What's ahead or behind
It's been a while!

Since the dark commanded
For my eldens
And what I am

I ride the storm
I love what your
Affraid of
I'm one that owns the torment


No weapons on plastic hands
The weapons are for the raiders
Of the Black Oceans

To blowout blasphemy
Into the air, for the human race!!

While some await
The dawn
We're trying
To everlast
In this night

Holding Swords
And iron peaks
That belong to our
Fists and souls

Living-to hear violent simphonies
Breathing-distorted harmonys
Blackened minds and blasphemy
While others are lambs
Eaten by the wolfs


Our fist are totally
Without fear

Our fist are totally
Without terror

And our heart is made of steel
With blood becoming venom

Proud I growl, and proud I feel
I hear those screams twisted
With overthrown sound

Our fist ponch the life
And winds

Our fist are slicing
Cuts with their nails

And our heart is made
Of steel, with blood
Becoming venom

No candels, no images, we're the squadron
And weapons of death metal
Deep, so deep in our soul

The play we rode and ride, so black
We're people with war instruments
To cult death metal
As old ones

Loyalty to our music the way of life
Anthem to hate, anthem to violence
The earth shakes, down to the care
'Coz the growls we crank


Running all the lines together with me

Stay with me!
Lines with me!
Stay with me!
Attack with me!

Belic violent force, couraged by a war
The mud music from extreme musicians
Belic roars a sound wordwide
To walk past enemy lines
Mud music from extreme audience

Hold the sky
With the first hurt them
Put their skin
Over their knees
Inside your hands

A dark,
And underground
Alive audience

The saga belica Yeah!

Onward saga
Onward the war
Onward the saga belica

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