Caligari : 3-Song Demo

Stoner / USA
(2011 - Self-Released)
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A wise man once told me..
Never take advice from your parents
They want you all to themselves
You'll never live up to expectations
Never take advice from your siblings
The competition never ends

Never take advice from a stranger who isn't me
They have no commitment to your well-being

As I watched the world crumble I knew exactly what he meant
But then all I could feel was sadness when I was left standing

Never take advice from your friends
Their place in life is all too temporary
Or from your partner
They will always leave in the end
Or from your boss
He owns your soul already anyway

But most importantly...
Never listen to yourself
The heart is often too confused to decide what it wants


I've lost my way
No compass to be found
All directions are blurred
I've lost my way
No compass to be found
Even in desert sands I drown



Forgive her lord for she knows not what she does
But more so for what she's done
I'd rather your rays of vengeance channel through me
May she never again lay her head for sleep

And when her mind
Is too heavy to refrain from rest
May what's left of her heart
Explode within her chest

Forgive us lord for we have sinned
The passion remains but not within
Your little weak one, led into the wild
Innocence stricken, I was but a child

May she suffer
Until her final breath
Only then
May she finally get some rest

Until her final breath

Forgive me lord for I did what I had to do
I long ago gave up on the idea of opening my eyes and seeing you

As we watch each other burn
Limb by limb, strand by strand
We'll be together
Just like we'd always planned

Like we'd always planned

As we watch each other burn
As we watch each other burn


This is a clash of moral insubordinates
A battle of which we are the only viable proponents
A spotlight on our vulnerable importance
The strobes just conceal the ignorance

Gandhi's been sending me drinks all night from the back
For it's a miracle if I make it out with my soul intact
Hitler will raise a glass to the shame we'll ignore
Every sin we commit is just more blood on the dance floor
The flood is washing us away

How easy it is grow tired of this angsty prose
Professing confessions and displaying the do's and don'ts
When we have the same coordinates for different roads
I'd sever the rhyme if our rivers did not flow
But I suppose, it's the path we chose
A thin line between lovers and foes


But the sweet taste of rain leaves us begging for more

So keep humming the words sweetly
We don't need the needy and we only serve the greedy
An abundance of redundance
Hopeless romanticism fires at the bartenders

For some these words are what they see when they stare out the window
For others it's in their bedpans slushing forward
For most it's just a drink to swallow to start off the day
For me, the narrating narcissist

I'm still dancing with you to a sound nobody else hears
I'm still dancing with you to a sound nobody else hears

The poetic is quite pathetic so just accept it only causes regret when you let it...

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