Bloodshoteye : Without Any Remorse

Death Metal / Canada
(2004 - Galy Records / Self-Produced)
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1. Deaths Sweet Revenge

All I need is just a bit of some violence
The taste of blood for my silence
The stench of death for my silence
This is the only way I can escape
This is the only way I feel any relief
Your time has finally come
Do you have any last words
Thats too bad, you had your chance
and now its my fucking turn
Now your fate lies in my hands
Your fate lies in my hands
It's all about to end
just leave it alone
Don't try and fight its all over
I'm in control I have the power
To make your life a living hell
Or fuck your soul, fuck it to death
I'd rather just end it all now
It's time we faced the facts
You mean nothing to me
Game over, all bets off
It's time you and I resolve this matter
Once and for all
We'll see who's laughing when you're buried
Six feet underground
My addiction is the sound of your screams
And the sound of your heart
When it finally stops beating
Believe me when I say
That I can lead you to your grave
I am not afraid of taking your last breath away
I hope your soul never rests
the time has come
There's no escaping me
Its all torn apart
Was it worth your life
You had everything taken from you

2. F.U.B.A.R

Bloodstained hands, I'm covered in it
How I love the taste
In my mind, I still hear your cries
Begging for your life
Urges, I cannot control
Desires to feed from your soul
Ripping into your flesh
Bringing you to your death
Sentenced, an eternity of pain
Your life will never be the same
Cannot resist all that tempts one
To live in sin
Fuct up beyond all recognition
I am who I am and I'm not ashamed of it
I feed off the fear that I see when I look into your eyes
Death in disguise
Threat to mankind
You'll swallow your pride
When I end, destroy your life
Your imminent demise is unfolding before you
Like a nightmare born of my vengeance
No act of contrition will avail you of my purpose
Filled with conviction and a taste for retribution
Wondering which path led you to this
As I take your last breath
Taken away all that you have known
Facing death all alone
Flashes back, no waking up
What do you want some more
Choking on blood and guts
Sorry I didn't mean to pry
Fuct up beyond all recognition
Fucked up beyond, Fucked up beyond all recognition
Fucked up beyond all recognition, as I take your last breath

3. Hitlist

So you need a shoulder to cry on
Don't fucking look at me
I hate, I despise, I cannot stand you
Are a god damned disease
I am not your friend I am your worst enemy
You went behind my back now I want to see you bleed
You tried to take it away from me
But I took it right back from you
Now I won't let you get away with this
You will never get away with this
Don't say you're sorry when you're not
You never thought twice about all of this
You're going to pay for what you did
I will make sure that you fucking pay
Do you think anyone would notice
If you disappeared
Do you think anyone would care
If you weren't here
My minds telling me that no one
Could give two fucking shits
My minds telling me that I
Can get away with this
You're next on my list
You going down you are next on my fucking list
Its time for me to play god
Its time to put an end to your life
You really have no other choice
You're about to crossover
Walk over that final line
Dont bother to scream no one will hear
No one has ever listened to you
I laugh in your face, spit in your face
I feel no remorse over this
I told you you'd pay for what you did
So what are you doing here still alive
Its time for death, bloodstains in red
What is it like to see yourself dead
What is it fucking like
to see yourself dead
You must not have understood the words that I said
and I really meant
No you didn't, fucking look at you
Drowning in your own tasteless pool of blood
Begging and pleading for me not to pull the trigger of this gun
Too Bad, too fucking bad for you bitch
You are the next victim on my hitlist

4. Drug Driven Insane

I am who I am - Drug Driven Insane
I will always be - Drug Driven Insane
I will never change - Drug Driven Insane
I was born this way
I don't want more I fucking need more
Do you know where I can score
You take 1 and I'll take 2 or 3
They don't call me chronica for nothing
Joint in my mouth
Booze in my blood
Looks like I'm getting fucked up
This is the way I live my life
This is the way I want to be
This is the way I live my life
This is the way I'll die
If you don't like what you see
Then don't fucking look
I'm not about to change
My ways for anyone
I'll smoke till I drop
And drink till I'm gone
No one will ever make me stop
This is my life I do what I want
Never look behind caught up in the past
With a new day comes a new buzz
Looks like I'm getting fucked up
Drank over my limit
Smoking more than a bit
Snorted more than a sniff
Now I'm ready to trip
I am so fucking high
I'm so alive
Come on give it a try
Drug Driven Insane

5. Bad Trip

Man made hell, with no where to turn
Somethings wrong, what the fuck is happening
Is this going to be the death of me
Or is this just the beginning
Could this be the end, the end of everything
Cause nothings what it seems in your reality
Lost in search of soul, bodies chilled and cold
State of paralysis, all for another fix
Constant drip, self inflict, empty pit
Your burnt out
I can't sweat away this foulness
lingering on leaving me stripped
Words just can not describe anymore
Fuck all I can say is what a bad trip
Down on, down on the floor
Can't find what I've been searching for
I, I cannot breath
I will not be beaten
I must, I must be loosing my mind
Its not, Its not your fault
I'm the one that took the dope
I must, I must be loosing my mind
I must, must be loosing my mind
At this point nothing matters
The drugs have been devoured
High, Fried

6. Pieces

Outershell is so sweet
Your inner core is rotten
Thats what makes me want you
In the worst way
There your body will lay
Buried in the lawn
There your body will lay
Buried within the soil
That is what makes us spoil
Rotting in the dirt
You will no longer hurt
Say goodbye to this life
And say hello to this knife
Slitting away at your throat
On your own blood you choke
The fear you feel will never surpass
Even after they lay you to rest
The damage has already been done
Starving for more, relieved I saved some
Of some of your remains
Victims I crave
Bloodthirsty I drank till you were empty
Tainted you taste of bitter infection
Disgusted I start to slice away at
Your corpse my inner aggressions
Cut up into pieces
Bleed, Sore, Scar, Die
Look into my eyes
Say goodnight
Now the time has come
For me to have some fun
I'll show you how its done
Drenched in blood
I can't get enough
So I dismember you and
Store you inside my fridge
Little bitch
Your dead body is mine for the night
Another fuct up trip
Another pyscho trip
Now that I have got you
You were just a fuck

7. Coward

Your hesitance drives
You to hide away
Forget about what could have been
Your living in solitude
Forsaken all that you have grown to love
Refused it to become someone
No free trips here for cowards
Ignorance is just one of your downfalls
Go ahead now run away
Lie to me
Everytime I see your face reminds me that your lifes been wasted
Lie to me
Turn your back on all your dreams and live your life spit on by me
Fucking Coward
Your kind makes me sick
Lifeless running thin
I pity you and all that you think you are representing
Screw all of this
I'm not wasting my time
You'll never get shit
on your own
See how far you get
I can tell you right now
You wont get very far
Fucking Coward
Lie to me
Every time I see your face reminds me that your lifes been wasted
Lie to me
Turn your back on all your dreams and live your life spit on by me
Fucking Coward

8. Without Any Remorse

Total chaos, catastrophy
All the victims of violent tragedy
Mourning souls salvation stole
Through domination and control
We won't look away
Forget and try to escape
Run away and hide
But be prepared to die
The hunt is on
We're on the prowl
You live your life
Like a fucking coward
You won't win, we can't loose
Time has caught up with you
Look into these eyes
You will see my pain
You will feel it when I
Say your name in vein
You thought this was your world
You thought you'd take control
We're going to put an end to all this bullshit
You tried to bring us down
We're gonna rise to the top
You pushed us way to hard
Now we're never gonna stop
Take control of this world
You will never
This is our world
You've pushed us way to hard
We're never gonna stop
War War War Without Any Remorse
Refects on us and those who see
Their beliefs destroy humanity
No time to breath no time to grieve
Over shadows of this misery
War War War Without Any Remorse
Time is on our side
You mission is going to fail
Show your self to me
You call yourself a man
I call you a bitch
Afraid to step up to the plate
You can't hide forever
Come out of your shell
Either way we will find you
Next stop straight to hell
Lights out forever
Your pain is my pleasure
War War War Without Any Remorse
Its do or die we've made up our mind
Now you can decide surrendor or die
We show no remorse
Without any remorse
We will prevail
We will obtain
What is ours
The right to live

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