Bloodjinn : Murder Eternal

Hardcore / USA
(2001 - Tribunal Records)
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1. The Adventures Of Johnny Bluecollar

this will take some time away from me, and my life. i will not allow it to
fold in front of me. to curse the hands of time, and become the enemy. i
often wonder if they stare at me, but without you, theyll never see. i
wanted to do this for a long time, although my strength would never last. i
wished for hope and despair. every step i make seems like another set of
eyes looking at me. another set of eyes looking at me. forgive, from the
shadows of your lies, you can give, but your desperate...desperate...whats
the reason? of the sweat from the heat of my mind. with bad thoughts of
ending their time as long as i wait, and let them set a killing way upon
that. being part of a lie, i will kill if im betrayed...all desperate of
whats become. trust in me, this time. my heart is falling for love, standing
behind you. run, so far away that we can get away, away from the weak. this
way we're clear from the pain, not forgetting the tries. not forgetting the
tries, pondering the weak. between what i have seen, is this a dream? i cant
believe, i cant believe this is the way of what i have seen. and still you
lie, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and
again, and again. all i hate. i disintegrate. words terminate what you
become. controlled what i gave. farewell. what i gave, suffered of the
change. what ive seen. i cant believe, is this a dream of what ive seen?

2. Seconds

this time you wont forgive. somethings coming out of your eyes. dwelling on
the fear that i hide, as i turn away, punished. somethings coming out of
your eyes, its all lies. your love and hate, you killed the best of whats
whats in me. im thinking of a way, to end all the pain. a fraction of what
will be coming. a light descends on what will be coming. you honor the lies
that which you speak, but its not for long. in other words, breaking all
ties. to cut to death. to cut to death. to cut, to bleed and die before me.
the seconds fall from the sky. it is coming, its your time to die. and i see
in my mind youll sell your soul, then youll die. when the fallen become the
past, i lie awake, thinking of you. i wished we could be, like it used to
be. just me and you. youre punished.

3. Mezzadan

blood filled with heartache. the anger pours from my mind. when well the
grass die again? her beauty destroyed by our selfish greed. theres no cure
for the virus. shes bittersweet. she gave her life. all her beauty is
forgotten. bring down the rain. the unforginven punishment. for what they
have done. she cries, no end in sight. shes dying for a lost cause. her love
destroyed. selfish pride has abandoned what is truly right. in life, in her
words, shes gone. all her beauty is forgotten. shes dying for a lost cause.
her lover destroyed. selfish pride has abandoned what is truly right. shes
dying for a lost cause. you never loved her. shes dying for a lost cause. my
mind is made.

4. Let Us Know Within 30 Days


5. Broke In A Small Town

rain pours from the sky. opening the way for sorrow. the stare breaks my
every thought. degradation lurks, tried to oppose the call. set with no
change at all. my actions were lost. fallen angels of death, they bleed your
soul until life is gone. lying on the ground i sink deeper. looking for a
way, but something drags me under. lifes blood on my hands and face.
suffering the wait. suffering the kiss. suffering...despair sets in. and all
the love, its drained. and all the love accelerates. the darkness traps my
soul. im scared to think that im getting old. as i waste my life and time,
falling. i often stare, wishing away. wishing away the thought of your life
and mine, together. falling rain pours from the sky. opening the way for
sorrow. theres no way for you to tell me what to do, or what has suffered
more. it seems as if we have to let it burn, because i'll rip your heart
out. so far out, someone couldnt want it again. i want a change upon the
action, of the hypocrisy. theres a way to believe. propaganda' s not the
term, i wait for my surmise.

6. The Heart That Died

i fell away, when was i wrong? with no help, do i belong? and the tears fall
down may face. with no help, im disgraced. as laughter proceeds within and
between. is it suicide? or a dream? its all just so hard to believe. i wont
follow at the sorrow, empty and hollow. whats becoming a bliss. close
encounters, darkness traps me. opening up the floor of life. you thoughts
hide, your pain cries, your heart lies. trying to justify whats inside your
life. and i never thought it would end like this. upon the stars that gaze
each kiss. will i ever see you again in time before it ends? the times
turning all towards ending. would it pierce, my thoughts of you? realize
that theres silence in a world which i live. and i will not become. my fate
all is forgotten. live, love and regret.

7. Forsaken On 52

my fingers did quiver and twitch. with palms moist from your sweat. a burst
of pain, then light turned black. and as this quiet choked my tongue i
struggled to my knees, and slowly began to weep. for this day the sun did
die. "goodbye my dear". whispering to myself, i never believed. i never
thought that i could take these things for granted. but as the darkness and
rain (surround me now.) i know that i was wrong. more that just the sun died
this day. "forgive? forsaken." that which doesnt kill me only serves to make
me strong. you made only one mistake. you didnt kill me. you should have
killed me that day, because i am still breathing. i am still bleeding. i am
still breathing the anger you confine, breathing dies.

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