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Hard Rock / Brazil
(1995 - Self-Released)
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Did you ever feel like getting the cheap stuff ?
Well I'm telling you bro', it's fingerlickin'good
Baby's just fifteen, but she's everybody's girl
When she walks that walk I forget my name
When the night is over, I won't be the same
There won't be leftovers, I'll eat all I can, yeah!

Chorus (2x)

Everybody, everybody, everybody's girl
You don't know the way you make me feel
You make my heart explode...
She hopped into my car and she jumped into the backseat
We played those dirty crazy little, games we were totally insane
I was head over heels, she was spinning me around
Let me love you 'till I can't take no more
I am not the only one, I ain't any special for her
There will be another men, but tonight she's mine, yeah!

Chorus (2x)

When the night is over, I won't be the same
There won't be leftovers, I'll eat all I can, yeah!

Chorus (2x)


Of all the memories I have from you
I remember the best telling you
To be there that night
To be there forever
You left me there, just standing in the rain
Never worrying, how much I felt the pain
Cause it was meant to be forever
And I cried for love (OH,OH,OH)
Left tears in the rain
Just a fool for your touch
Without you, I'd be insane
One of these days, I saw you walking down the street
You passed by and never looked at me
As if I was an ordinary stranger
I knew my heart was in danger


Forever - Lost without your touch
Forever - My vice, I need you so much
Forever - Was our love a lie?
Forever - Time to say goodbye
You don't even remember me,
The king of lovers we used to be
All I have is a picture and a note
It will never be forever



Three years ago, we were down at the bay
I thought it was just the moment,but the feelings were here to stay
The sound of your voice, echoes of the past
You ain't here anymore, but the pain,
The pain will last


Raise a toast to my newfound friend, bitterness
I've been chain-smoking cigarettes, trying to fight loneliness
Drowning myself in bottles of wine, will never bring you back
My life rolls like a train and I have to keep it on tracksy

Chorus (2x)

Why is it so hard to say goodbye (say goodbye)
I don't even know if I could
My friends are around me, trying to keep me cool
But I know the solution, is inside of you
Why don't you come back, back, back,
Back I just can't stop thinking
It feels so bad and I can't stop reminiscing

Chorus (2x)
Chorus (2x)


Baby I wanna tell you something
I want you to know
We've been through some tough times
Yeah,you know I cried my eyes out baby
I hope it's just a nightmare
Sleeping without you, all alone
Turning off the lights and not hearing
Not hearing you whisper


Baby, you're mine
I need you tonight, I need you forever
Baby you're mine
I need you tonight, I need you forever
And I love you
Remember walking in the sand
Remember roses in your pillow
Remember making love
Under the light of the moon
Remember sharing the secrets
I wouldn't stand being away from you
When you blow those candles away
I can't live without you
And I beg you to stay, to stay


Remember yesterday, I beg you to stay
Remember yesterday, I beg you to stay


5. CRAZY NIGHTS (in the city)

Feels like a hurricane
Horniest than any other man
When night time falls in town
I feel the need to get around
I'll be there to loosen you, up, up, up
Me, I'm just seventeen, and if you're the same,
You know wath I mean, walkin' around looking for hot things
That's how it feels, to be young and wild, c'mon


Crazy nights in the city
If you haven't had them yet,
It'such a pity
Crazy nights in the city
Sweet young girls looking for love,
Oh, my kitties
Crazy nights, crazy nights,
crazy nights in the city
I don't have
Any monkey on my back, oh no
I'm just willing to attack
Anything with hot legs
Come on, be my lover
be my baby for the night
Nobody loves me
But they want me for sure
If you're getting lovesick
I'm the cure
Wanting nothing but a good time,
here I am, c'mon


(Feels like a hurricane - horniest than any other man, when nighttime nighttime falls in town, I feel the need to get around)



I lie awake in the middle of the night
Searching for answers,
But they ain't right
Deep in my heart there is a doubt
Where did i go wrong?

Bridge (2x)

i need you so bad (so bad)
You are the one i'll never forget


Big love - the one i'll never forget
Big love - the best i ever felt
Big love - you are always on my mind
And i hurts me 'cause it's all over now
i lie awake in the middle of the night
Searching for answers,
But they ain't right
Deep in my heart there is a doubt
Where did i go wrong?

Bridge (2x)


Runnin' after something
Chasing what I guess someday i'll find
Can't seem to find a reason
Everywhere I go, I don't get satisfied


I've never seen you,
Image from a dream
Don't know if you exist,
But someday somewhere we'll meet
Somewhere we'll meet

Lonely, (uh, uh, uh) lonely (uh, uh, uh)
I'll never find piece of mind
If don't try to be with you
Lonely, (uh, uh, uh) lonely (uh, uh, uh)
Rain comes crashing down on me
I'm gonna find you, it's plain to see
Tears are on the corner of my eye
I just can't help but cry, I just cry
Gotta hold my head up high
Trying to find what I am looking for,
Looking for



After all the pain I put her through
I said: "Listen, it's up to you"
Stormy clouds are in my life again
How can I stand so much pain?


Mirror's handing on the wall
Our picture's on the shelf
I know how close
Can a man get to hell

Chorus (2x)

Why do I make her cry?
I'll never know why
Hold me close, hold me tight,
hold me forever
I'll never let you go, don't you know
Never ending, never ending,
never ending nigthmare
Oh, lord, won't you take my soul?

Chorus (2x)
Chorus (to the end)


You seemed to be such a simple girl
It used to be such an ordinary thing
I never thought our love
could last so long
But it's all over now,
we're through somehow
I couldn't see it coming,
I never thought it would end this way
Or any other way...
Forgive me for what I sinned
Stay with me 'cause you're all I need


In the shadows of the night
Our star still shines so bright
What I feel for you is true
Unchain the love inside of you
Wipe this make up off your face
Put it out, and leave no trace
You still doubt that I'm the one
When you look beside you,
there will be no one
I'm gonna fight this battle,
yeah, I'm gonna win
It feels like dying man,
which I've never been
Won't be abel to live with losing you
Your heart's a closed door
Kick it down 'cause I'm back for more


I'm not afraid,
'cause I know I still live in you heart

Chorus (2x)

10. KOOPAH!!!

Having been warned
About the birds and bees
Shouldn't been living
On the edge like this
As I ain't getting any younger now
I gotta do it anyway no matter how
Can't find anything to slow me down
I do even wear my hellraiser's crown
People wonder if I'm always
On the prowl
Got butterflies in my stomach
When I'm not around
Ain't gonna take a step at a time
I'm gonna live by my words,
Leaving all worries behind
And now I tell you to


Ease your body, ease your soul
Free your mind,
It's time to rock 'n' roll
Ain't got no problems,
Ain't got no worries
It's just summertime in town,again
Meet Rod and Gus at the pizza parlor
Picking up chicks at the eleventh hour
Already have
The twelve-packs on the back
Riding 'round like sex-crazed maniacs
Wrecked dad's Testarossa's last night
That's OK, 'cause I'm feeling alright
Stereo's cranked up way too loud
There ain't no other way
When I hang around my crowd
Adrenaline flowing - it has to be spent
I'll spend a whole lot tonight
With this blond my good Lord sent me


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