A Familiar Terror : Demo

Deathcore / USA
(2007 - Self-Produced)
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In fear of never reaching the sky.
You'll keep your wings behind your back.
As daylight weakens, inside you turn and walk away.
As I stifle, as I fall.
You'll end tonight.

My darling where did we go so wrong?
Where your voice remains a fading memory in my dying dreams.
I thought you had known .that I had already let go.

Time is nothing.

l will take you from this world soon enough.
And give you everything that is beautiful.
With my back to wall suppressed by you.
Caught in the radiance of your eyes.
I'll let the perceptions around me distort.
For just one more moment here in your arms.


Now that I'm absolved from your darkened heart
I can finally see through you
Smoke lingering by the ceiling
now they all make sense now
How was I supposed to read
when I was clearly blind?
You took what I once had a secure
hold upon and burned it to the surface
Your lack of remorse is apparent through these words you convey
The guilt will be the end of you
this I swear upon
With the battle in clear view
I'm still condemned by your smile
Nothing is left
so I'll take your words and leave you breathless
Attempt to follow in my foot prints
you could never climb out from.

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