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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
All reviews : April 2012
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Napalm Death : Inside the Torn Apart 15/20
(Grind Death- United-Kingdom)
Napalm Death is a British gridcore band that I've enjoyed since I started getting into grindcore in the past year or so. This album, though, is their weakest release to date in my opinion. In the...[read more]

Nargaroth : Black Metal Ist Krieg 17/20
(Black Metal- Germany)
When people ask me what is the truest black metal album of the early 00' years, then I reply: "Thats easy Nargaroth - Black Metal Ist Krieg". "Black Metal Ist Krieg" is an album that should know...[read more]
Nargaroth : Crushing Some Belgian Scum 15/20
(Black Metal- Germany)
Crushing Some Belgian Scum from Nargaroth is what Eine kleine Nachtmusik for Venom or Live in Leipzig for Mayhem. This Livealbum include four Songs and one Coversong from Lord Foul. This Livealbum...[read more]

Nexhymn : Black Horizon
(Brutal Death- USA)
Air raid sirens and a hail of machine gun fire open the gates and welcome the oncoming clangor of war. There is no way you could not compare NEXHYMN and their style of death metal to the savagery...[read more]
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