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logo Underoath

Band's list Metalcore Underoath
    Also known as : Underøath, underOATH, UnderOATH


Status Formed InSeparated In


    USA (Clearwater, Florida)
Popularity   Fans
    727 Fans
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Last line-up

Others bands/comments
Timothy McTague
: Guitar
[since 2001], ex-Project 86
James Smith
: Guitar
[since 2003], ex-Becoming Anthesis, ex-Point Blank, ex-Race To Win
Spencer Chamberlain
: Vocals
[since 2003], Sleepwave, ex-This Runs Through, ex-NINE DOWN
Grant Brandell
: Bass
[since 2002], ex-Becoming Anthesis, ex-Point Blank
Daniel Davison
: Drums
[since 2010], ex-Norma Jean, ex-Luti-Kriss, ex-Colour Revolt
Christopher Dudley
: Keyboard
[since 2000], The Roman Carnival Of 1510

Past members

Others bands/comments
Alena Cason : Vocals, Guitar, Back Vocals [2000]
Kelly Scott Nunn : Guitar [2002-2003], ex-Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster
Dallas Taylor : Vocals [1997-2003], The Everett, Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, ex-The New Tragic
Sam Shuffler : Guitar [2000]
Rey Anasco : Bass [1997-1999]
Luke Morton : Guitar [1997-1999]
Matt Tarpey : Vocals [2003], ex-Winter Solstice
Octavio Fernandez : Guitar, Bass [1999-2002], At The Wake
Corey Steger : Guitar, Back Vocals [1998-2001]
Aaron Gillespie : Vocals, Drums [1997-2010], The Almost, Aaron Gillespie, Paramore
Matthew Clark : Guitar, Bass [1998-2000], Kicked Out Heel Drag, Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, ex-Gunwale Under, ex-Malayne And Nothing Promise, ex-Sleeping By The Riverside
Billy Nottke : Guitar, Bass [2000-2002]


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  • Underoath - Too Bright to See, Too Loud to Hear

  • Underoath - Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

  • Underoath - Reinventing Your Exit

  • Underoath - Paper Lung

  • Underoath - In Division

  • Underoath - The Last / Letting Go of Tonight (Live at Furnace Fest)

  • Underoath - Untitled (Live at Cornerstone, 2006)

  • Underoath - Untitled (Myspace Secret Show)

  • Underoath - Untitled (Live at Taste of Chaos, Auckland, New Zealand, 2006)

  • Underoath - Untitled (Live at Bamboozle)

  • Underoath - I Don't Feel Very Receptive Today (Live at Warped Tour!)

  • Underoath - Writting on the Walls (Live at PSU)

  • Underoath - Its Dangerous Business

  • Underoath - Writing on the Walls (Live at Headliner's Columbia)

  • Underoath - A Boy Brushed Red (Live at Cornerstone, 2006)

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