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logo Terror (USA-1)

Band's list Hardcore Terror (USA-1)


Status Formed In


    USA (Los Angeles, California)
Popularity   Fans
    463 Fans
  • photo of Terror (USA-1)
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Martin Stewart
: Guitar
Scott Vogel
: Vocals
World Be Free
Nick Jett
: Drums
Jordan Posner
: Guitar
ex-No Warning
David Wood
: Bass
Down To Nothing

Past members

Others bands/comments
Matt Smith : Bass Rain On The Parade, Shark Attack
Doug Weber : Guitar ex-First Blood
Frank Novinec : Guitar Hatebreed
Carl Schwartz : Bass First Blood
Jonathan Buske : Bass ex-Another Victim, ex-The Promise, ex-Rag Men
Todd Jones : Guitar Internal Affairs, Snake Eyes, Betrayed, Carry On, Blacklisted
Richard Thurston : Bass Culture, Blood Has Been Shed
Jamey Jasta : Vocals session member, Hatebreed, Icepick, Kingdom Of Sorrow, Roadrunner United, Jasta


Terror - The Promise - Plan Of Attack (Split - )   
Live and Death (Live - )mp3  
Splitseveninch (Split - )   
One with the Underdogs (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Lowest of the Low (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Always the Hard Way (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Live at CBGB (Live - )mp3  
Forever Crossing the Line - 5 Years in the Making (Compilation - )   
The Damned the Shamed (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Keepers of the Faith (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
No Regrets No Shame: The Bridge Nine Days (Live - )mp3  
Live by the Code (Album - )mp3  
The 25th Hour (Album - )mp3  


  • Terror - Kill 'Em off

  • Terror - Deep Rooted

  • TERROR Dour festival (BEL), Cannibal stage, 18 juillet 2015

  • Terror - Sick and Tired

  • Terror - Cold Truth

  • Terror - Shot of Reality

  • Terror - Hard Lessons

  • Terror - I'm Only Stronger

  • Terror - Hard Lessons

  • Terror - The Most High

  • Terror - Live by the Code

  • Terror - The New Blood

  • Terror - You're Caught

  • Terror - Return to Strength

  • Terror - Lowest of the Low (Live @ Furnace Fest 2003)

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