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logo Of Mice And Men

Band's list Metalcore Of Mice And Men
    Also known as : Of Mice & Men, OMAM, OM&M, OMM


Status Formed In


    USA (Costa Mesa, California)
Popularity   Fans
    422 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Aaron Pauley
: Vocals, Bass
[since 2012], ex-Jamie's Elsewhere, ex-Menace To Society
Austin Carlile
: Vocals
[2009-2010] [since 2011], ex-Attack Attack!, ex-Call It Even
Valentino "Tino" Arteaga
: Drums
[since 2009], ex-Lower Definition
Phil Manansala
: Guitar
[since 2009], ex-A Static Lullaby
Alan Ashby
: Guitar
[since 2011]

Past members

Others bands/comments
Justin Trotta : Bass [2011-2012], live member
Shayley Bourget : Vocals, Bass [2009-2012], Dayshell, ex-Covette
Jerry Roush : Vocals [2010-2011], Glass Cloud, ex-Sky Eats Airplane, ex-American Me
Jaxin Hall : Bass, Back Vocals [2009-2010]
Joel Piper : Bass, Back Vocals [2011], live member, ex-Confide, ex-Chapter 14, ex-Olivia The Band
Dane Poppin : Bass [2010], live member, ex-A Static Lullaby
Jon Kintz : Vocals, Guitar [2009], Me Versus The Moon, ex-My My Misfire, ex-Odd Project


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