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logo Kansas

Band's list Hard Rock Kansas
    Also known as : White Clover


Status Formed In


    USA (Kansas City, Kansas)
Popularity   Fans
    283 Fans
  • photo of Kansas
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Rich Williams
: Guitar
[since 1974]
Phill Ehart
: Drums
[since 1970]
David Ragsdale
: Guitar, Violin
ex-Louise Mandrell, ex-The Smashing Pumpkins, ex-Jason Bonham, ex-Queensrÿche
Billy Greer
: Bass, Back Vocals
[since 1986]
Ronnie Platt
: Vocals, Back Vocals, Keyboard

Past members

Others bands/comments
Dave Hope : Bass [1973-1983] [2000], Ad Astra, ex-Kerry Livgren, ex-AD
Kerry Livgren : Guitar, Keyboard [1970-1983] [2000], founder member, Kerry Livgren, Proto-Kaw, ex-AD
Steve Walsh : Vocals, Keyboard [1986-2014], ex-Streets
Robby Steinhardt : Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Violin [1973-1982] [1997-2006], Steinhardt-Moon
John Elefante : Guitar, Keyboard [1981-1985], John Elefante, ex-Mastodon
Steve Morse : Guitar [1986-1988] [1991], Deep Purple, Steve Morse Band, ex-Dixie Dregs
Greg Robert : Keyboard [1989-1997]


Kansas (LP - )mp3Lyrics 
Song for America (LP - )mp3Lyrics 
Masque (LP - )mp3Lyrics 
Leftoverture (LP - )mp3Lyrics 
Point of Know Return (LP - )mp3Lyrics 
Two for the Show (Live - )mp3  
Monolith (LP - )mp3Lyrics 
Audio-Visions (LP - )mp3Lyrics 
Vinyl Confessions (LP - )mp3Lyrics 
Drastic Measures (LP - )mp3Lyrics 
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Power (LP - )mp3Lyrics 
In the Spirit of Things (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Carry on (Compilation - )mp3  
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Freaks of Nature (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Dust in the Wind (Live - )mp3  
Always Never the Same (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Kansas (Live - )   
The Definitive Collection (Compilation - )mp3  
Extended Versions (Live - )mp3  
Somewhere to Elsewhere (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
The Ultimate Kansas (Compilation - )mp3  
Device, Voice, Drum (Live - )   
Sail on - The 30th Anniversary Collection (Compilation - )   
On the Other Side (Compilation - )mp3  
Works in Progress (Compilation - )mp3  
The Essential: Kansas (Compilation - )mp3  
Dust in the Wind (Compilation) (Compilation - )   
Playlist: The Very Best of Kansas (Compilation - )mp3  
There's Know Place Like Home (Live - )mp3  
The Prophets Have Spoken (Live - )   


  • Kansas - Under the Knife / Desperate Times

  • Kansas - The Wall

  • Kansas - Mysteries and Mayhem

  • Kansas - On the Other Side

  • Kansas - Journey from Mariabronn

  • Kansas - Untitled

  • Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son

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