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logo Into Eternity

Band's list Progressive Death Into Eternity
    Also known as : IE


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    200 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Troy Bleich (aka Dirtbred)
: Bass, Back Vocals
Amanda Kiernan
: Vocals
Tim Roth
: Guitar, Back Vocals
Justin Bender
: Guitar
Third Ion
Bryan Newbury
: Drums

Past members

Others bands/comments
Jim Austin : Drums Sympathy
Adam Sagan : Drums ex-Halcyon (USA), Final Darkness, Echoterra, Circle II Circle
Chris McDougall : Keyboard
Daniel Nargang : Guitar, Back Vocals
Scott Krall : Bass
Chris Eisler : Drums live member
Jeff Storrey : Guitar live member
Rob Doherty (aka Smiley) : Vocals, Guitar [2003-2005], died 04/05/2012, Pericardium, ex Metalist, ex-Final Darkness
Collin Craig : Guitar
Stu Block : Vocals Iced Earth
Dean Sternberg : Vocals Onward, WithinAnother, Toby Knapp
Chris Krall : Vocals [2003-2005]
Steve Bolognese : Drums


Into Eternity (Album - )  
Dead or Dreaming (Album - )  
Buried in Oblivion (Album - )  
The Scattering of Ashes (Album - )  
The Incurable Tragedy (Album - )  


  • Into Eternity - Timeless Winter

  • Into Eternity - Severe Emotional Distress

  • Into Eternity - Time Immemorial

  • Into Eternity - Spiralling Into Depression (Live)

  • Into Eternity - Severe Emotional Distress (Live at Expocité Site Quebec, 2007)

  • Into Eternity - Eternal (Guitar Lesson)

  • Into Eternity - Timeless Winter (Guitar Lesson)

  • Into Eternity - The Riffs for Nothing (Guitar Lesson)

  • Into Eternity - The Rhythm for Nothing (Guitar Lesson)

  • Into Eternity - Nothing (Vocal Lesson)

  • Into Eternity - Spiraling into Depression

  • Into Eternity - Beginning of the End (Live at Portsmouth)

  • Into Eternity - Embraced by Desolation (Live Regina, Canada, 13/05/2006)

  • Into Eternity - Splintered Visions (Live at Bulldogz, AZ, 09/12/2006)

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