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Everything started back in 1994 when Nicklas Carlson (guitar), Johnny Lebisch (drums) and Daniel Grahn (giutar) formed the Black Metal band called Havoc, which changed the name to Brimstone later, in Sweden. Two demos, entitled "Nightfrost" and "Feel our Flames Caress" were recorded and the last one brought a record deal with a small Swedish label and later with Nuclear Blast.
Before signing the contract with Nuclear Blast, Nicklas Carlson and Johnny Lebisch decided to leave the band because they wanted to play raw and aggressive Thrash Metal. The band Warhead was formed and they wrote songs, which remind to early Bathory, early Kreator mixed up with Bay Area Thrash Metal riffs (Exodus, Sacred Reich). Carlson and Lebisch found a suitable bassist in J. Hallberg and Daniel Jansson agreed to be the vocalist, although he never sang before .But good choice, he´s the hell of a screamer. The demo "Here is your Hell" was recorded within a few days in Swedish "Evil Grill Studio" with this line up.The demo contains 8 raw and aggressive Thrash Metal songs, which are fast and brutal .Pure energy! The demo sold quite well in Sweden and the band played their first concerts in their home country. Before they recorded the second demo, they changed their name to Warfare inc., because they heard about the German band Warhead and didn´t wanted to be mingled with the Germans.
Warfare inc. replaced bassist J. Hallberg through Nicklas´ younger brother. The second demo "Madness breed Heroes" which contains four tracks was recorded in this line up. Guitar player Daniel Grahn (ex- Brimstone) joined the band.
I got in contact with the band through a positive review in Germany´s Rock Hard magazine by ordering their first demo tape. "Madness breeds Heroes" was just finished and also enclosed for free .Both demos belonged to the best in the demo area I listened to within a very long time . I was so impressed that I had to create the label Black Goat Productions to re-release the demos on a tape version. The band agreed and both demos are available through my label´s address since the 12th of April 2001.
The tape version includes both demos, together 12 tracks with a playing time of 40 minutes and a more pages tape booklet.

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