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_gordaxo_ _Lux_ _Nem_ _pico_
_samix_ _StifleR_ .Kris. (TheReaper)
[Flo] [GodOfBlood] [J]bassiste [sk]Emperor
[xFrusTraci0nx] [Y]ouen {Bloody} @ndy
@rezacore 0it0never0ends0 13jimmy13 16smania
1818 19toge96 1Horror 2227409
23cristaltears 3ll1a 4rosthunter5 4sStylZ
555PIBEULI666 6655321 666DarkAngel666 666dream666
666inflames 666kreator666 666metaleux49 666Metalhead666

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by kain_686
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by kain_686
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by The_Unholy
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by Metzly
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