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Formed probably somewhere in the bastard year 2000, Boombaard (back then fighting under the banner of Fangorn) took its progress extremely easy going. As both founding members, Elmar & Ramon were far too keen chasing wood nymphs and smoking green herbs. Several tunes and lyrics were written in these times. Soon though others joined the cult. Jonne, a regular visitor of the foggy realms of Elmar's appartment, took up the hammerworks and out of oblivion came Gregoor to pull the 4-strings. A rehearsal recording was made in these times. Unfotunetaly all were lost during a great celebration in the woods near the sea. Lost because imps stole it for their own perverted pleasures or simply because of utter crude drunkmanship, who will tell. Than came a period with long pauses of delerium until in the end of 2001 or 2002 Schim appeared to have taken over the duties of Gregoor, whom picked up the second guitar. A new offensive was planned and rehearsal rooms around the local town were once again terrorised. Vodka and puke, drugs and bad taste accompanied the Folk Metal onslaught known as Boombaard. Still not deceased so expect the worse.

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