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Biography : Johnny Truant

Johnny Truant are a British, Brighton based Noisecore band, formed in 2000 under the name Severance. The band recorded 3 demos under this moniker before renaming themselves after the lead character of Mark Z. Danielewski's novel House Of Leaves. The band recorded their debut release The Repercussions of a Badly Planned Suicide (which featured three remixed songs from their second demo) in 2001 which was released on Undergroove Records. Their second album, In The Library Of Horrific Events was produced by Killswitch Engage guitarist, Adam Dutkiewicz. Although the band started out as a 4-piece, at the start of 2006, Al Kilcullen was added as a second guitarist. As of June 2006 however, Kilcullen was replaced by Rueben Gotto. The band is currently signed with Dine Alone Records in Canada and have recently performed at the SCENE Music Festival. They are scheduled to tour across Canada in February with local bands such as Toronto 4-piece Fear of Romance and Alt-Punk sounds of Twenty-Three East.

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