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…And so it begins… With their dark music and haunting imagery, Satyricon, from Norway, is one of the most widely revered Black Metal bands in the world. On April 13th, 2004 "Volcano" will be released through EatURmusic/Columbia. The album has already received four awards being, the Norwegian Grammy for "Best Metal Album" and an Alarm award for "Fuel For Hatred" in the category for "Song of the Year" as well as The Alarm Award for Metal Album of the Year + The Oslo awards for Best Overall Album. Metal Hammer Germany journo Robert Müller raves, "This darkness is no romantic invention, no abstract delusion, but derived from firsthand experience. The sound of "Volcano" is the sound of the cozy cocoon of civilization torn apart; it envisions the cold emptiness behind." Taking on the name Satyricon and recording a self-titled demo in 1992 saw the beginning of the development of the group…

Satyr, songwriter, producer and frontman eludes," the music is rock based but more extreme; it is black metal pushing the boundaries that began with bands like Venom and Bathory, reinventing ourselves based on a foundation of rock oriented Black Metal is our philosophy".

…A constant evolving progression… In 1992, Satyricon released the classic demo, "The Forest is My Throne", a limited pressing (1,500 copies) made it into the right hands of the worldwide underground metal scene. Also, it is the first real recording that featured Frost on drums who remains with Satyricon still. Satyricon went on to sign an album deal with No Fashion Records and started recording their debut "Dark Medieval Times" in August 1993. Halfway through the recordings, No Fashion was not able to pay the studio costs but the band continued the recording by paying for it with loaned money. Satyricon took a tape of the mix to Tatra Productions which had acts like Holy Toy, Munch and When and got signed. It was then decided to set up Satyr's production company and mail-order Moonfog as a co-label with Tatra. And "Dark Medieval Times" was released, as Satyricon's and Moonfog's first album. Considered ground -breaking with its mixture of classic black metal and medieval tunes, it took the underground by storm.

1994 Satyricon established them selves with the album "The Shadowthrone," which produced great sales and drew their name to everybody's attention, with the black metal anthem "Hvite Krists Død". 1995 Satyricon released the by now classic "The Forest is My Throne" demo as a split CD together with Enslaved's classic demo "Yggdrassil".

"Nemesis Divina" was Satyricon's first major commercial success, which has sold over 100,000 copies in 1996. This is when they did their first European tour as headliners with Dissection and Gorgoroth. Satyricon being the first Norwegian Black Metal band to release a home video with the song "Mother North" that has later proved to be the biggest Black Metal hit of the nineties.

The next 2 years saw the development of the album "Rebel Extravaganza". In 1999 Satyricon signed a licensing deal with Nuclear Blast for the world (excluding Scandinavia.) From there they recorded and released "Intermezzo " and "Rebel Extravaganza". Satyricon did a few summer festivals and saw the mainstream press picking up on Satyricon with the album making spectacular reviews in major newspapers and magazines such as NME.

The new millennium saw an increasing number of tours from Satyricon as headliners in Norway, Europe and America. They even scored a full European tour as special guests for Pantera, which made Satyricon the first Black Metal band to do a tour with a multi-platinum selling act. The following year featured the release of the roadmovie "Roadkill Extravaganza," and the development of "Volcano."

2002 saw the release of the 10 year anniversary album "Ten Horns - Ten Diadems," which was followed by several festival appearances. Satyricon also completed their work on "Volcano," this was then released across Europe in October The band toured Scandinavia as headliners, and recorded a video for "Fuel For Hatred" with director Jonas Åkerlund famous for his work with Metallica, Ozzy and Madonna amongst others. The song was also featured in his movie debut "Spun". Volcano debuted # 2 on the Norwegian Charts and is to this day the most sold Black Metal album in Norway ever. The song "Fuel for Hatred" was received well at radio and achieved on heavy rotation on national radio for six weeks being aired four times a day in primetime. 2003, Satyricon toured extensively in Europe. Now beginning April 13 fortunate American audiences will experience Satyricon's live performance with Morbid Angel for the first time since their headlining tour of North America in 2000.