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Time ago the Gods were fighting for to get the throne while Manitú fought for overcome himself to be his own god. All begins in 1992 when Mario Aponte "Mannithou" who was member of Tenebrarum band in 1989 and Maleficarum band in 1991 decided to forge his own way & begun to work with Manitú project.

The first battle of Manitú band was called "Be Blessed Death" Cassete- LP '95 in which just one warrior had help him (guest drummer). This record gets 8 songs raw, deep & dark (Allelluia Death - & I Die 'Cause I Don't Die - Cruel Creator - Lamentation - At Father's Will - Soul's Screams - Inquisition - Be Blessed Death).

And I Die 'Cause I Don't Die:
Its a dark poem that say : the life is long & painful, it's a chain & vain illusion of which we are slave. The life is a chimera & a hard banishment. Just dying we reaches the freedom.

Cruel Creator:
Here the mythic God is cruel & vindictive. He has created the world to give it suffering. It's a nightmare that respect not the dream of the men.

In a poetic & deep form the man curse the existence. If he had not born, he would are not walking over the ground like lost shadow that don't find her essence.

At Father's Will:
Talk a few about the Jesus story. He had sacrifice his life in the name of his supposed father to give it mankind knowledge & kindness, but themselves had crucified him.

Soul's Screams:
The desires of death are singing the pain walk while the life scream desperate she wish die soon. It's tired of so deception & betray; it's the perfect, to go out of that banishment, I want to be with you, I anxious for see you. I wanna die, oh death.

It's a reproach to medieval epoch. Dawned false religions had used the cross to kill in the name of God... Impotent men & vain in persecution of the wisdom & magic for burn in the bonefire. It's was a greatest mistake.

Be Blessed Death:
This song is a praise to death. It describe in a beauty form the death. Making a comparison like the romantic man write a poem love to the most beautiful woman. But here Mannithou doesn't write to woman, he write to the death that is the most ancient of livings, the greatest divinity among femenity of world. Be Blessed Death...

This was a little part of lyrics of Manitú. ´Cause this release had very much good acceptance into the Colombian Black Metal scene also in elsewhere of world. It was sold 1000 copies of this demo. It had good sound. The front cover is photo of two beauty graves of a St. Pedro´s cemetery in Medellín (COLOMBIA).

Finishing 1996 Mannithou is in studio for record again. Then came the second battle called "Burning For Die".
Here other man is invited like session drummer for play in 3 songs : (At fathers will II, Curse & Where Are You?), in the other songs Mannithou play the drums also. This Cass-LP out in February 1997. The quality sound is excellent. The cover is professional art in two colours. The front cover photo of statue "Three Crying Virgins" also in St. Pedro´s cemetery (COL). It's beauty to see that the pain & death are united to sing. The war continue against the endless enemy. "The life, the Longest Sickness". Are 8 songs the brutal, raw Black Metal.

In this release Manitú change a few, it's more fast & more variety. The track "Souls Screams" is repeated in this version. It's more slow & more sad & Heavy.

Were releases 600 copies for Colombia & world. The acceptance was better than the "Be Blessed Death" Cass-LP ´95.

The ideology of Manitú is the same, praising the death. Songs : (At Father's Will part II, Curse, Where Are You?, With the Name of Saviour, Soul's Screams, Oh Sovereign Queen, Manitú, ...Dead & Gray Life) someone tracks talk about anti - religion, existential philosophy, pain & deception.

Curse & With the Name of Saviour:
The priest & the religion are farse. They are false & they deceive the mankind, lying in the name of God. Their temple of light are caves of artificial light. They pray to kill & sin to live. They didn't believe in God & for love him had crucify the man. The religions are not more than a farse invented for man for people weak & failures.

Where Are You? & Oh Sovereign Queen:
It's a prayer to the death free us of chains of life. To free us body's pain & soul's pain oh supreme eternal mother, be my source water, oh sovereign queen eternal mother, be my winter & spring. Oh eternal death I wait you... I'm Burning For Die...

In the same year 1997, mannithou is in studio again to make his new record & third battle called "Eternal Crying"

CD released in 1998. Here the pain, the sadness & the death are singing again. How ever a good quality sound & super professional cover art full colour, it's fantastic & original style of Manitú band. Front cover "The pain is crying over the grave" & all statue photos are in St. Pedro´s cemetery, this is the preferred place of Mannithou. There He think, is inspired & he cry. The dead´s screams under the sepulchres shake him soul. To see how the livings cry to rotting bodies under the ground, into the silence crypts.

This is the war of Mannithou, these are his battle. It's a fight for overcome himself & for overcome the life, the longest sickness. But the war is continued till death, Mannithou will be surrend never. If I've been not dead for 2000 then you will listen the next release of Manitú band other umpure scream of pure hate and pain.The Metal is my life, the Metal is my passion, the sadness is my religious song, the pain is my force & my clamour & the death is my scream of freedom.

Source : http://www.freewebs.com/maniturecords/main.html