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Biografie : Liva

Liva is a heavy metal band formed in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada in 1997. The originality of the band lies upon the fusion between heavy metal and classical music. This dimension in classical music is added to different metal influences (black, death, power and trash metal) to create an entity that is fresh, exclusive and powerful ; thus allowing the band to reach a broader audience that still recognises the music it is familiar with, while discovering a new style.

Even those who have never been attracted to heavy metal music before, appreciate Liva's originality. As a matter of fact, Liva stands out from among other band by it's use of soprano vocals, viola and the fact that the lyrics are in latin, which never fails to attract attention and has earned the group several distinctions among which a Mimi Award (Montreal International Music Initiative) on March 9, 2003, for the artist that demonstrates appeal transcultural, and achieves to cross the borders of the genres, the languages, the generations and beyond

A lot of live shows were given by Liva in the province of Quebec. Fall 2003, they have played on stage as the added attraction for the one and only Canadian appearance of the group Nightwish, at the Montreal's Medley. Also in Montreal, the band played (among other places) at the Zest, the Café Chaos, and at La Maison de la culture Frontenac. In the past, Liva has also been seen in Sherbrooke, doing the first part for a show by Voivod, in their 2000 North-American tour, as well as with Gorguts in September of 2001. That same year, Liva has also won the Relève Black Hard contest. The French CBC has broadcasted a live performance of Liva on both its FM and Internet Bande à Part programming (www.bandeapart.fm); during this live show, Liva was accompanied by 13 classical musicians. In June of 2002 the band appeared at the Extreme Weekend Festival in Montreal where they were billed on the night celebrating bands representing the future of heavy metal music in Quebec. Their first EP was available in record stores in 2001 and right from the time of it's release, some songs appeared on many radio stations top 10, including the song Dies Irae which went number 1 on CFAK and on Bande-à-part broadcasted the Galaxie channel.

Finally, in November 2002, Liva released it's album Requiem through the Canadian distribution of Outside Music. This album is currently available at Archambault, HMV, independant record stores and, of course, on the band's official website www.livaband.com