Shturm : Signed with Darknagar Records

Czwartek 26 Styczeń 2012 - 20:11:50 by Ermak

The 3rd full-length album of russian Melodic Ethno Death/Black Metal band Shturmtitled «Karmaruna»is planned to be released on March 2012 by independent labal Darknagar Records. The CD contains 11 brand new tracks which are rather different from the band’s previous work. It is a Symbiosis of Black/Death Metal pressure, melodies of Heavy and lyricism of acoustic ethnic parts.

1. Wounds on my Hands
2. Solitude Beside
3. My Life With Angel
4. Eagles Above Tibet
5. To Kapylavasta
6. Karmaruna
7. In Us
8. Down to the Waterfall
9. Remember thy Name
10. Dreams of Better Life
11. Metal Music Artefact



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