Mats Leven

Nome Mats Leven
Birth date 11 Setembro 1964
País Sweden
Cidade Göteborg


Mats Levén (born in Gothenburg, Sweden) is a prolific singer who has worked during the years with big names of the Swedish musical industry. His most notable recent collaborations have been with symphonic metallers Therion and doom metallers Krux. He is preparing a solo album that should be released some time in the next couple of years.

Mats Levén started his career back in 1986 with a small band of friends, called Capricorn. Three years later, he joined chart-toppers Swedish Erotica, releasing an album and several singles.

The year 1992, found him collaborating with another Swedish well-known band, Treat with which he also released an album as lead vocalist and a single. In the mid 1990's he worked with Abstrakt Algebra (project band of Candlemass' bassist and composer Leif Edling) and did backing vocals for the band.

Since 2009, he's the new lead singer of the french progressive metal band Adagio.