Wolfpack (FRA) : None Above | None Equal

Hardcore / France
(2016 - Eulogy Recordings / PPB Records)
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Considered as slaves
We're back from hell
Live to erase
Do not tread on us, no one will hear your prayers
We'll never forget the words you said
Keep your tongue in your mouth
This is Paris mother fucker

We spit on this game because there is no winner
Fed up of this fake values and lack of honnor
Bring back the rage on this sleeping arena
And brace yourself to die in a plagued area

None above / None equal

Laugh as you can, before you cross my eyes
Fire to the land, ashes in the sky
Among the liars, no one can escape
Rest in your pain, locked in your cage

I'll never bow down, I'm the devil himself
Life is a shot, there is no redemption
I'll never bow down, I'm the devil himself
You should hold your breath when you'll sink in the deep
Welcome to the abyss

Annihilation of the worms


Open the black hole of lies
Buried my friends one by one
No feelings and no submission
Now get on your knees and let the show began

One more step back, I'm still blind without truth
Slavery mentally by lies and oppression
Choke by visions and words from the past
I'm the first and I'm the one, the worthless human that you have

You're the voice of the broken ones
Not a threat neither a spark

All the mistakes has already done
Nothing can replace what has been destroyed
There is a fake solace, bring out from my dreams
Can't stop to hear your voice in the silence
If I could sew yur lips

I am a solitary empty soul
Behind my heart there is only blood
I'll keep my eyes closed until the light take you

Have you ever fallen in a hole ?
Alone in a casket with ashes and stones

You better watch your back, stay away from our claws

Past still the past
And you should have thought of that before
No regrets for the life than I have to leave
Stars won't shine... anymore

Sew your fuckin' lips


Trapped in a factice throne filled with anger and thorns
How can you sleep every night without looking at what you left behind ?

Why staying so close ?

Back on the burial ground
Wished time, healed the wounds
Praying on this bloody floor
Say goodbye, stay away
Lose yourself into the grey

Hang on the traitors
Make them suffer

This mind can't lodge one more lie
Erase my thoughts is my last wish

You pushed me to the limits and it's finally over
Be my guest and carve my name
Die motherfcuker

No one trusts a viper

I'm already down but is it enough for you ?
And I still believe
This feeling I got when I see your face
My disgust will never change
Take my hands, breaks my arms
And it never gets better now

Perfect body with a serpent tongue
The same venom runs in our veins

Death will unit us
And the ordeal will end
Finally this angel face looks creepy
And of this beauty is fake


Nail to the cross and dominate
Scrape the blood annihilate
Control of the lost souls
Ended lives by death patrols

Debris of pride, humiliation
Dragged beneath the human condition
My scorn's too much attention paid
I tied the knot and the lights just fade

I will master anybody, anywhere
Put a look on your groth, are you fucking gonna kneel down ?
I confine your joy and restraint your hope
Now you're fucking gonna kneel down !

Witnesses to the action I decide
I loathe you because you fail to serve me
I exist where you're nothing laid aside
I indulge while you get submitted to me
Witnesses to the action I decide
I loathe you because you fail to serve me
I exist where you're nothing laid aside
I indulge while you get fucking submitted to me
I will screw you like a carrion
You will never reach the gates of heaven
Stretched on the floor feeding the rats

In excess I will choke you
I am the one who'll drown you in tears
No bliss, your days are few
You can just abandon all dreams


Welcome to the most troubled part of this world
Where disorder and suffering are creations
Don't make any effort to survive
There is no glory to die

It seems cold and that's just the begenning
There is no faith, no reasons to live


It smells sulfur, all around us
It's look like a purge, brings us to dust
We are the plague, we are the grudge
We condemmned ourselves to the doom, to the rust
Only the birds cross the borders
But no one is safe when the sky falls over
Look at the sunset like it was the first
I give you my words, you spit on my trust

We're cold as hell, today you fail
We're cold as hell, we're sharp as nails

All these years to live in denial
Condemning our area has its own funeral

Inhaling the smell of burning flesh
There is too many humans on this earth
This is our demise, our extinction
The next level is reach, and the game is over

We dig our own grave since the day of our birth
There is no goal to reach, we're born of the worst
Now I turn my back in this world and I let you die
My last thinking would be only for me and I

We're born from the worst


Each human that I take will be another trophy
If I'm in an eternal sleep they will be with me
I want more blood
For their scorn to the allmighty

Enrol by fear
Creates a fake goal to reach
Breed as beasts
Using lost children as gift
Swallow, pray, trust
Find the wrong path
And take it
There's no salvation
Only bones and terror
Swallow, pray, trust

This morning begin like any other
And tonight I would kill people
My whole life is a failure
But now my death is closer

Intimidate, point that gun to my face
Hide behind the mask you coward you snake
Initiate a war you cannot win
Get on your knees
Pray for your sins

God is a scapegoat
For the fool that you are
Worshiping a ghost
Because you're scared of humans
Read your book, learn your lies
Kill them all, run the crown and end your life


Till the end against the oppressors
From the dirtiest side of this world
You're nothing more than a rat
You should watch your back

Liar, you've betrayed me
Liar, you're betrayed all of us
Gangrene is in my mind
I'll smile the day you die

You're a sneaky bane
Playing too much yith your tongue
You think we were friends (but) sorry you're wrong
Come and see the firestorm
Come and see, we're invincible

(You) look like a parasite
Living on the swamps of human being
It's time to fade away
You smell the stench of avarice
And you disappear

Back again on your vicious way
Your "loyalty" is a slur on my face
Don't pretend to be my brother
We know your kname, fucking slander

I wish you death with success
For my pride I want you to fail
All your lies, I've heard them before
You will never reach the shore
Nuke 'em to the stone age !


As she said that now she no longer had the right to die
Twenty two years to the nobody
I continue to seek the path to find

My theeth are gritting more and more
I'don't give a fuck about who you are and where you're from
I'm bored to made the most
Don't pretend to be a king you're too weak to wear a crown

I don't owe you nothing
Feel my fuckin' frustration
I promessed everytime to do my best
Don't stray from the path, have a smile full of grace
I wish you to die
Drown in your bills or hang by your tie
Fuck your gold cult

I will show my anger for this world
Till im in a lack of air in my lungs
Buldings and cash are your fairytale
You're a fuckin crackhead, you sickens me

It's time to be clear and simple
So that the dumbest of you can understand all this shit
We're born scum, we'll die scum
We stay real only with the reals
We trust ladies not bitches
We don't give a fuck about what you think

We're not your friends
We're not your messengers
We're not your enemies
We're not preachers
We're no one : you're nothing

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