Urgehal : The Eternal Eclipse - 15 Years of Satanic Black Metal

Black Metal / Norway
(2007 - Agonia Records)



Nar guds barn flokker seg som sauer.
Og hyrden ikke lenger horer dered bonn.
Nar guds barn ikke lenger er hans barn.
Men slaver under helvetes kommando.

Hvorfor klamre seg til livet, nar doden apenbarer.
Hvorfor klandre Gud, nar han aldri har eksistert.
Hvorfor leve i hapet og troen,
Nar skjebnen allerede er satt.
For doden skal du lide, og smerten mines.

Vi er religiose avvikere i Inkvisisjonen.
Vi er kjettere i den krstine troen.
Sadd i fordervet jord
Fodt i avgrunnens ode.
Avlet under Satans klor.
Et klekkeri som levnet ondskap.

Bundet til profetien. En skjebnesvanger dom,
Om at helvetes flammer ville brenne livets grode.

Vi renser oss i Lainmets blod og forpester den kristne tro.
I dyrets tegn 666 er vi.
I det snudde krusifiks er vi.
I geitas tegn,(Baphomet) er vi.
Sonner av unhellig aett og aere
Ind til verdens ende.


No-one has ever crossed them alive
No-one has ever seen the other end alive

I wonder what lies beyond...

I will never forget the day
I held your hand
The moment you crossed them


We have chosen darkness
We have chosen flames
We have chosen thirteen paths to satanic hell
We are unholy

Raiders of disgust, mourners of lust
Tempting portions of blasphemy
Searching foundation necro
We are unholy

Pragmatic obscene scenarios
My energy comes with your pain
You, son of jehovah
Put that cross up your bleeding ass again
We are unholy

Sacrificial lambs, babies and handicapped
No time to suffer the weak
The chalice on the altar
No cliche for Satan
We are unholy

As the sky close one last time
Darkness eternal, pure hate infernal
Pure Norwegian Black Metal underground
We are unholy
Fuck you
We are unholy


I found her alone shivering in the dark
She was cold, scared shitless
Confused and lost
For seven days she drifted
In this desert forest
Without a slight sight
Of food or civilisation

Starving, she begged me for help
With her weak voice and tearful eyes
And guilty of being human
Armed with emotions
I gave her my helping hand

I fed her; I comfort her
And gave her my trust
And after a while she told me she had
Prayed to god for help
And that she beleived
I was her saving angel

And then I saw the cross
Hanging from her neck
I discovered what adventerous
Christian slut was
The rage I felt building up inside me
Was indestructible
Demonic hate from my heart
Emerged in the form of an infernal scream

Then I dragged her by the hair
And tied the bitch to the nearest tree
I ripped her clothes off
And sliced her pale skin with my knife
Then I painted her body with blood

As life faded from her, I cut the rope
And raped her dead soul twice, profusely!
I left her in a pool of blood,
Sperm, piss and guts
Ready for the wolves to serve
Pure fucking carnage
Pure fucking Black Metal!

Now look at yourself and tell me
Do you still think I am your
Fucking, saving angel?


I was here in times before time
Even then you there destined to be mine
One way or another...
Whichever is fine

All prepared to crush the trinity
Never serve in heaven
But Rule in Hell for eternity

Let it be written, let it be known
I placed sin unstead of love
Into the hearts of man
And thus I stole their souls

Taste the venom
Come taste the sin
I slither through your veins
And thus forged the hate
And send theNazarene back into its hole
I fester inside you, come join with me
Now do the sign and swear
Behold Serpent Messiah

Thou shalt not suffer a christian to live
They must be crushed both soul and form

Infect the spine at its core
And swallow them whole
What good in turning the other cheek
When you face a missile?
Come taste the apple

Let it be written, let it be known
I placed sin instead of love
Into the hearts of man
And thus I stole their souls
Come taste the venom
Come taste your sin
I slither through your veins
And thus forged the hate

And send the Nazarene
Back into its hole

You'll be free
So shed your skin and inject to kill
Serpent Mesiah


Faens jævla menneskehater
Jeg liker ingen
Hverken meg eller deg

Alene mot verden
Elsker dag og ensomhet
Skog, fjell och Helvete

Døden venter
Trå meg ei for nær
Glem ikke at jeg hater deg

Alt er din skyld
Du har gjort meg slik
Når vinteren kommer
Førsvinner jeg


In the servitude mass
Where the goat cloak runs long and black
Behind the black eyes
Let us ride the winds of blood


The eternal eclipse has come
Nightfall will never again suffer
The morning sunrise
The night is pure and will forever stay dark
As it can never be menaced by the day
Those who have kneeled before the cross
Will pray for the last time
Crying for their god, begging helplessly

The churches and the christians bleed
(Now that) Satan has swallowed
Their god and sun
The final battle between good and evil is won
And the pain the pain of watching the daylight is gone
Black is the path to the cemetery
Where we feast on the christs
In infernal blasphemy



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