Serenity (AUT) : Fallen Sanctuary

Melodic Power / Austria
(2008 - Napalm Records (AUT))



The Prisoner:
At the edge of nowhere
I cannot sense a move of time anymore
The device I'm caught in
Holds this venom I'm waiting for
I am all alone
And all is gone I ever lived for
What is left are memories
And they'll become a legacy

Oh these prison walls resound the voices in my head
Desperate voices crying my love is dead
Knowing her I realized what I was living for
I should have saved you, now I'm broken to the core

Darkness and coldness, all passed living her way
Facing all fearless this blindness that led us astray

I saw her wounds, I felt the pain that she was going through
I was right there but there was nothing I could do
They had their games, she died in flames
My world was dying too
I should have saved you, now I'm falling deep into


The Choir Of Souls:
She made us be
Made us see
A higher empathy
We are one
We are free
The cross is history

[Chorus] (x2)


Behold the artifacts of old
You never saw their virgin glance
Held in creating hands unknown
Exposed to oxidation, slow disintegration leaving trace Corroding for all days

Anything shining bright today
will undergo this certain decay

How many ages have to come and go until we know
All we create has to fade
When the never still assembly line subsides to shine
What will remain

Now it is the same old tale again
The egoistic fail to see it's not their private history
Once caught by this seduction
Follows deconstruction of our world, and millions lie unheard

Anyone breathing light today
Will undergo this certain decay


No machinery, we pave
And no HDD, our way
Was ever built to spin eternally, liquid crystal dismay
In the tombs of stone, beyond
Any servant drone, below
Is just a remnant found beneath the bone



Where you have been when frost came in
Where did you spend your days in fading light
Where colors turn to grey in grey
Alone I roam these frozen lands
I fear your track is covered under snow
Your signs of life all lost and gone

Winter has come with mourning
Promised by fall one day
This coldness kills the flame inside
Life it ends in white

The sky is grey and northwinds blow
Sulnlight hides behind a veil
That somehow blurs my sightm how can I ever find you?
Snowflakes like needles on my face
Pray for the wolves to go their own ways
At least for one last time
Last time

Winter has come with mourning
Promised by fall one day
This coldness kills the flame inside
And all is white
[Repeat Chorus]

[Chorus] (x2)
This coldness kills what you could save
But you are all to far away


There comes the princess on a ride
Her haughtiness, so cold and bright
A pleading voice calls from the side
To giant's daughter, no delight

Her time will come
Her final doomsday

There's a shadow in her eyes
A token of her wicked days
Her cold heart, so hate-scarred
May the curse fulfill so flesh and blood and bone
Will turn to stone

A marble palace all in white
Dominates the mountainside
These riches fill her with delight
Deep in her soul eternal night



Filth on white marble tiles caused a rage
That was leading just straight to her end
Her little son strolled the woods, so it reads
To clean him with bread was the last of her deeds

[Chorus] (x2)

Her time has been fading, her final doomsday's waiting
Her cold heart so hate-scarred
And her world falling down apart


Here I stand now alone to die
The empty space, no word from you
I cry
After all still loving you
Can't stop feeling this way
Sadness is a friend now
Dry my tears away

I'm not the man I used to be, I can't laugh anymore
My mind is dark, my blood is cold and lonely I will go

I don't believe in fairytales
After you anymore
See you standing with another man
I feel like never before
I don't believe in fairytales
Try to stop the dark fall
Fade away with an empty soul
The darkness I will call

Please forgive what I've done to you
All my words so hard to say, I'm blue
Tried to find another way than losing the best man
But love is incalculable when there's no time to wait




I was always proud of being the part of you
My life in your house always seemed too good to be true
Your trust in me, I paid it back with my loyalty
To die in your name has been the fate that waited for me

Here in a second life I am your servant, again
I've sworn allegiance but I won't close my eyes

Give me a reason for ending my treason
I fear it's too late, games you have played leaving a bleeding heart
I long for the old times, I'm sick of your false rhymes
Turning the world to something never meant to be

I remember the very first day wearing your sign
The falcon eyes, the wings of red felt right to be mine



You were so close to me just like a family I never had
The brave lost in the past, the one I love obsessed
And there's no way to cure her twisted mind
I still can�t believe what you have done to me



A silent lake under eagle's wings
Reflecting sky and mountains high
Its waters hide some mystery
A plate of stone, discovered trace,
Leads back to unknown days

See a witness in every pile of stones
Every place where they are standing in circles
Silent witness to the past, to times of old belief
When spirits reigned in the mountains alone

Still so many secrets
And so many tales untold remain

Their life so different to ours
Though the place we live is the same
So close to nature powers
A land that no one could tame

Where the sacred spring creates a place benign
You feel fine, perceiving the ghosts of the old days



[Along with Chorus:]
Knowing the threats in a world of regrets
By the soothing of spirits the try
Keep the white death away saving harvest and hay
Let the tempest of demons pass by


Oh mother, sure it makes you cry
To see your only son like this
Wherever yoy may be these days

It has been a year now that I can find no sleep
No matter what I try I fail
So I can see precisely how my blood fades away
A skeleton to anyone, a symbol of decay

I live in hell
There's no other words for this place
I cannot tell
What turned my life into this maze I'm left alone
On this whole
A derelicts is what I am
A fallen soul
A wandering shadow of a man losing his mind

The ones who are against me, I fear them all around
What have I done, what is their plan
Is it just paranoia, I don't know what's going on
A victim of conspiracy or haunted by a phantom?



Here the trees have eyes
And this gloomy house mistaken for a shelter opens wide
To swallow you
You don't have to run
At the foirest's edge you feel that this is where they hide
Observing you

We are your shelter in the night
Claws of cold will hold you tight
Oh so eerie is the world we belong

Where the headless ride
And the autumn world has sunken into twilight
You feel safe
You feel like home

[Chorus] (x2)

Far away from shallow minds
It's not too late to see the signs
The day will come when you return to the obscure


We are the gods that you create
We're unifying love and hate
Your belief is tied to our existence
Still you can't see
How you disdain humanity
Devoting crimes to us, divine

Oceans of ruby
We never cried for pain
Lost in the dark sea
You sadly died in vain

How come you kill in our names
And drown your enemies in flames
Expecting great reward for this madness
Your life to come
No afterworld forseen by some
Your paradise illusive lies

[Chorus] (x2)


The wind is blowing fast, straight in his face
Another sunset has passed
The beauty of the sea, A spell to his mind
But deep inside he feels doubt

How many miles to go finding his dreams
How many years so slowly passed away
His will unbreakable. it keeps him alive
And always he screams

Nothing can stop my way
I'm gonna sail on till my very last day
Nothing, when God is my friend
I will finish my quest to the journey's end

To sail a unique ride to conquer the sea
Is the sailorman's pride
Shall his name live on?
His wish for immortality is strong
But often paid with death



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