Secrets Of The Moon : The Exhibitions

Progressive Black / Germany
(2005 - Lupus Lounge / Akedia Rekordz)



The snake is here
The abandoned inmost catching the rat
Focussing on death astray
The silver-crossed chariot
Winding through unlimited sciences

The star is here
Blinding dogmas of worlds in worlds below
Sky clears and vanishes hope and desperation

The star is here
Speaking in triads

There is no beyond
No demigod but man
No pantheon of wisdom
When the bleakstar conducts

It will eat your heart
Scourish warm unmistakable unclean

This is not a place for you
This is not a race you're part of
This is not for you
The listener is you

Snakes embraces star
Enchained in distant chaos
Until the light catches us
Until the bearer reigns the beast

[Dedicated to Louis Cyphre]


"Scribere proposui de contemptu mundano
Vita brevis breviter in brevi finietur
Mors venit velociter que neminem veretur
Omnia mors perimit et nulli miseretur
Ad mortem festinamus peccare destinamus"

Silhouettes in grey shape
Have seen another winter coming
They learned to walk ecretly
Their faces straight to the sun

Show them
This contemptuous kind
In the grey of the sky

Without a word of mourning
They yearn for one more beam of light
This lavish grace of darkness
Is god before it dies

Floating through spirals of endless latitude
Hailing the icon yet unspoken
On the instant of waking
There is splendour in their chants


On the day of my final sacrifice
The chilling steel open my veins
Blood stains my skin
Silver chalice must be filled...

Drinking the poisoned blood
I enter my shadowed coffin
Two goathorns in my hands
I raise my arms and close my eyes
To receive the infernal hails
From my brother in the land of the damned

The howling wind blows in the naked trees
Moonlit fields are glowing in the dark
Below me, the path to the cemetary
Where my spiritual brother take me

They halt at the shadow of an oak
My nocturnal funeral commence
Laying in my blasphemous sleep
I am lowered down to the pit

A raven sings my last song
As the wolves howl their goodbyes
The funeral moon glows strongly now
For I am nearly there

This night of late October
The darkside opens it's gate
Morbid souls wait for me
For satanic conspiracy

Flowers of doom
Rising in bloom
You will see
Our immortality!

;歌词由 添加 CountessSlayer - 修改此歌词