Samhain (GER) : Lord of the Dead

Technical Thrash / Germany
(1985 - Self-Released)



(No lyrics available)


The supernatural is everywhere
Sometimes it's leaving his realm
To terrorize over the earth
Bounded with the fear of mankind
It joins witht the servants of hell
And dispossess the wake of good
The heaven fight his useless fight
The power of hell awoke

The nature holds back her breath
Evil takes possession of time

The black bird of death cries his call
Halls back from the cemetary walls
Down from the town of the dead
The reaper rises up to kill
He chooses his helpmates from the dead
And speaks exorcisms to resuscitate
Now the ground if filled with undead life
Hands break from down through the surface

When summer goes to the end
The dawn reigns the land

The reaper calls the beyoyed spels
To raise the dead
Broken eyes are open wide
The strength of hell
Streams through their veins

The wind howls through the branchless trees
Brings the smell of corruption
Attended by the transparant inscrutable
Marches his army of samhain
The magic of mayhem is bursting
Drives n the corpses to march
The reaper takes over command
Soon fear will rule the land

When summer goes to the end
The dawn reigns the land



Armed with magic, the sun in their back
Ancients warriors appear
Covered with fures
Hold swords strong in hand
Death reigns where they ride near
Mean red eyes glow hot in their skulls
Their swords shine bright in the sun
Their black horses run fast as the winds
The ride of the damned has begun

Down in the valley a small village lies
The people there can't guess their fate
Before the moon has disgraced the sun
Everyone there will be slayed

From a hill they ride down, black winds blow
The people hear cruel battlecries
They reach for their arms
But it has no sense
They know that they have to die
No one can fight the riders of doom
The reaper now holds life in hand
When this day is over they all will be dead
Barren and blazed will be their land

Children are crying, men are ripped
Flesh-cutting blades are spreading pain
Steels meet teel, heads ride spears
Blood is now falling like rain

They searched for steal
The secrets for men to survive
Swords, signs of might
That was what they were searching for
Power to rule the whole world
Many had died for this cause
Victims cry for help
But no one could ever fight
The riders of doom

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