Royal Hunt : Eye Witness

Progressive Power / Denmark
(2003 - Frontiers Records)


1. Hunted

Facing every window, 'round every corner
TV eyes are up and running, no one's gonna tell
why nothing's ever sacred, nothing's ever private
Everything's exposed and all our values shot to hell

But no one seens to know which reality to show
Hunted, we're hunted down

Catching any moment, taping every sentence,
watching from above - some kind of legalized abuse
Any given second, every sungle minute
analyzed, categorized for any later use

Still no one seems to know which reality to show
Hunted, we're hunted down
Hunted, I'm hunted down

2. Can't Let Go

Kind of faraway country,million miles from our homes
Have no reason to be here - now, see how it goes
Sharing "wisdom and progress", but we're armed to the teeth
escalating this madness - tell me, why can't we leave?

'Coz we can't let go - no, we can't let go
can't let go - we just can't let go - ever

Every inch of their country we're proclaiming as free
'til the last of the natives have no places to be
Educating with fire, liberating with steel
pushing repatriation - do we care how they feel?

'Coz we can't let go - no, we can't let go
can't let go - we just can't let go
We're taking over 'coz we
can't let go - and never ever will
Can't let go - it;s just the way we're build
The only thing we know - until the final toll -
we'll never ever let go

3. The Prayer

Why God took you away? He forgot me along the way,
far away... Oh, but I'll pray

Love is breaking my heart. Feels it;s ready to fall apart,
jaded heart... Oh, but I'll pray

You rogot me along the way,far away
but I will pray

4. The Edge Of The World

Learned how to steal since that day - God, who knows?
Nexr scene : I shoot - cop's dead - boy, is THAT news...
"Big House" is waiting. You know how it goes -
sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.
Now I'm in pain - not a man, just a file,
biting my nails in the "Dance Hall" all day
Edge if the world's down that very last mile
where "Old Sparky" is waiting to fry me away

And now I'm standing on the edge of the world
Waving from the edge of the world
Look how I'm falling from the edge of the world
Screaming from the edge of the world
"I'm spilling my blood for my sins - or so it seems"

Talked to our priest, asked him - "Sell me your God
Is there a reward for being nailed to the cross?"
Son of the bitch kind of shrieks, than he laughed :
"If you'll make it to heaven, my son,
the pressure is off all the rest of us"
Killing is easy - I'm chained to my bed,
State pushed the button and murder's fulfilled
"It ain't no murder" - this old guard just said -
"good folks got murdere - white trash's just dead"

I'm waiting for you to deside on mercy or rage
Waiting - reaching out from the edge

5. Burning The Sun

Empires were built through the centuries drones
on somebodys flesh and on somebodys bones
Creating our needs while dumping what's left -
now nature's dying, it's choking to death
Tell me for how long

We're burning the sun, we'll tear down the mountain
and drink out the river 'til river'll run dry
We'll shoot at the stars, or torture the ocean
'til Earth will stop breathing and wind wouldn't fly
We've buried ourselves by building a tower
to climb up to heaven - we're falling to hell
We're burning the sun, we'll tear down this mountain
and drink out the river until the river runs dry

As we're gaining strength - the world's getting week
We're blowing away the remains as we speak
Another decade, we're pushing some more
Destroying the walls while we're closing the door

When the forest turns to desert, when the river turns to mud,
When the air becomes a treasure - who allowed to tear it all apart?

6. Wicked Lounge

Caviar and champagne, big golden rings and expensive cigars
Sweaty butts on a couch whuch cost as much as ticket to Mars
Phony smile... Those eyes as they pay unbelievable price
for the right to decide what to do - for me and you
House in France and a Benz -
you see, the whole world's right in their hands
Such a waste - Wicked Lounge's a happening place.
Balding guys - filthy rich and every one's such a son of a bitch
Countrys sold, countrys bought.
They're trading wars and can you tell me why not?
Write a check - or a pass? It's just as easy as scratching your ass
What is right?What is wrong?
Pay the price and it won't take too long
to decide what is right thing to do - for me and you
Maybe this makes you sick
You see, the point is their wallet's too thick
Such a waste - Wicked Lounge's a remarkable place
Dearest God, please get pissed -
I'm sure that none of these jerks will be missed
Such a waste - Wicked Lounge's a wonderful place

7. 5th Element


8. Help Us God

A week to build the world - and now you're leavingw
Do you ever see the cards you're dealing?

Many times your ways are strange'n shallow
Makes me wonder if I'll ever follow you
Take that kid I've seen around, crying
Everytime I passed him felt like dying - but just a little bit
Trying to understand by whom he's hit

Look like kid;s been taking quite a beating,
maybe loved the hand that did the hitting
I'm sure the guy's so proud to be a father
and his son will live just like another one
Growing up in jail. Father,can you alert us when we fail?

Help us, God - help us find the way, save us
from ourselves - take that pain away.
Listen - help us, God

See, he never will forgive the hitter
Life just slipped him a pill - and it tastes bitter
Growing up in midless vino's talking
he will be convinced that he is walking
while crawling on his knees, hoping this is the only way it is

So help us, God - help us find the way, save us
from ourselves - take this pain away, take us
to your heart - guide us all the way, teach us
Help us, God - help us find the way, save us
Help us, God

9. Game Of Fear

Another faceless man in grey set house on fire -
and he stayed 'til every single flat was burning
This guy just launched his own attack -
shot older woman in the back
He's not a pro, but he is learning
This terror lives on our fears - and it's growing
Playing the game of fear -
wild on the streets letting blindfolded steer
Playing the game of fear -
run for your life 'coz your last day is near... Just waiting
Somebody's in the mood for war
which non of us have seen before
The rules are simple - random killing
Without a clue, without the cause -
we live in freedom, and because
that simple fact just hurt their feelings
Face this human waste, change the pace - 'coz it's growingbr> Playing the game of fear -
wild on the streets letting blindfolded steer
Playing the game of fear - sneaking behind like a snake.
Disappear! Playing the game of fear -
feeding the war, and you're making it clear
Playing the game of fear -
run for your life 'coz your last day is near

10. Eye Witness

A parished smile, a hidden tear
that sends a shiver down the spine - of joy and fear
A hasty move, uneven step
This show is on - you've learned it inside out, to death

A silent sigh, a stolen kiss
it's all - the miracle of life and goes like this
An empty stare, a final scream
It's live a never ending soap - or so it seems

Look what's going on - you are my witness
On the silver screen - my eye witness.

11. Martial Arts

[special edition]

12. Follow Me

[acoustic version/japan tour 2002]

If pictures could talk there'd be too many voices
If sorrow could scream I'd be deaf in a day
I beg my memories to slowly fade away
Too many voices

If pain could've been seen there'd be too many faces
wherever I'd go - I'd rather be blind
And in the darkest night I'd loose my guiding light
but you I'll find even if I'm blind

Follow me - but I don't know where I'm going
Follow me down the road to something new
Follow me - there's no other way of knowing
what your heart is telling you

I'm planting my hopes and I harvest illusions
year after year - understood by a few
Sometimes it seems like I'm getting through to you
but it's just an illusion

I'm so afraid of loosing you
but there's nothing I can do
Nothing I can do but my heart is calling you -
follow me

;歌词由 添加 Nagotar - 修改此歌词