Revenge (CAN) : Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist

Brutal Death Black / Canada
(2003 - Osmose Productions / Nuclear War Now Productions)
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Las palabras

1.Decimation Antichrist

2.Blood of My Blood

The blood of my blood who have joined me
in this unyielding pride filled struggle
Those who will the new dawn forth
iron discipline the quest eternal
Forward into fire

3.Heathen Hammer

Heathen hammer command of cruelest blood
We await the rise and attack conquer

4.Blood Division

In the shadow of reality your strike grows weak
Rule and enslave or prepare to serve
The crown of shame breaks your spine
The knife and the dogs await
Slave must kneel

5.Annihilate or Serve

We will conquer those who try to lead us into ruination
Vicious descent into my hellish crawl to our new dawn

6. Attack the Enslaver

7. Altar of Triumph

Guided by unmerciful virtue onward to the extermination throne
Sadistic purifying butchery bleeding on the altar of triumph

8.Genocide Conquest

Mobilize heretic cult of pride
Take the hand of doom victory

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