Quorthon : When Our Day Is Through

Thrash Heavy / Sweden
(1997 - Black Mark Production)



You're running at too great a pace
You're hurruing way too fast these days
I wish there was a way that i could turn back time and then set off a new start
I wish that I could make you understand what really always kept us apart

[Chorus #1]
Baby through the walls would stand
There was enough of cracks to let the rain come in
Maybe that's why I never held your hand
Because it all began where it all begins

[Chorus #2]
You know it was a hard thing to do
To forget when I always would see you
It's funny how we always seem to end up hurting someone
When our day is through

You're speeding too fast for me now
You're leaving you were always lost somehow
It's like we always seemed to bet on different horses
Arriving as the other one would leave
It's as it our fired fed from different sources
I would be up missing you while you'd sleep

[Chorus #1]

[Chorus #2]

[Chorus #2]

It's funny how we always seem to end up hurting someone
When our day is through
And I realise I always seemed to hurt much more than you


Honestly I don't believe I've ever been this weary
My thinking is really tearing my whole inside outside and in
I wish I had the nerve to do just something firm about it
I'm sure I could live without it but now it seems that we begin

To toss an eye exchange a smile from miles apart it seems
And yet it's hard to tell what's really happing from dreams
Is it just that we've both thinking is this stuff for real
And what if in the midst of this all what if some would see

If this real it seems to me to be good ol' infatuation
What if I am wrong and mix the facts with my imagination
Knee deep in this mess no wonder I don't sleep too good at night
Yes still I've never felt more all right

Hey, were you looking my way or was I standing in the way
I'm like a moth hot for the flame I just can't help it

I've been thinking should you accept an invitation
Can't help this fascination and yet if you were here I'd freexe
I count the days 'til I'll see you again and wish you'll be there
And yet if you would come near again I'd get those jelly knees

So we toss an eye exchange a smile but we never move too close
And yet make sure to make it short we want no one to know
Can I help that I am wondering is this for real
Are you thinking much the same as I then you must feel like me ?

Until the two of us have come to terms with how to act from now on
We are gonna have to walk in quite wide circles 'round each other
Can not wait until the day when you and I decide
What to do 'til then I guess I'll be allright



We just never seem to keep a single promise that we make
We just never seem to mean a single word of what we say
I just can not believe in the very well accepted need to
Piss about your territory and then set off looking for that

Somewhere someplace we've never seen
Where the grass is always much more green

I've found that place you're looking for
I need no keys there are no doors
No signs will help you find the way
No use to call me I should say

I swear I hear not a single sound
I float an inch above the ground

We just never seem to stay for long enough to learn a thing
We run head long between the raindrops
And like the rats we jump the ship that sinks

Why does it always had to be someone something else in the way
Why do somebody always seem to be always on their way

Somewhere someplace we've never seen
Where the grass is always much more green

I turn away from what I see
I've found so much more inside me
I know what I don't want to be
And that's the way it's gonna be


I close my eyes I see not a thing
I just let the wind and sun slip in


Standing on the balcony,
Trembling like a friggin' leaf
Its freezin' cold I must be mad its 4AM
And gettin' really fuckin' bad

[Chorus #1]
There's an end to everything
Some folks are best at when they sleep
More than can be said 'bout me

[Chorus #2]
This is what I asked for and what I need but there's always a price to pay
For quite sometime I've known for sure I've had it coming my way

[Chorus #3]
Coming my way I've had it coming my way
Coming my way I've had it coming my way

Starring blind into thin air eternity
One step from here
Pardon me I must have blown a fuse
I'd really like to be excused

[Chorus #1]

[Chorus #2]

[Chorus #3]

[Chorus #1]

[Chorus #2]

[Chorus #3]

I've had it coming my way
I've had it coming my way
My way !

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