Pest (SWE) : In Total Contempt

Black Metal / Sweden
(2005 - No Colours Records)



On that night I saw thrones ablaze
The gates of heaven in fiery chaos
Triumphal processions heading north
Christianity doomed to fail once more

The last bell chimed possesed in the dark
Humanity forced to fade away
Condemned I tasted the blood
And possessed I joined the procession

Thrones ablaze in the dark
A thousand fires burning as one

Blasphemous reanimation of ancient times
And a new dawn emerges from the ashes

Fear it's light...
Hear the new bell chime

Profane wastelands embraced us all
In a beautiful night without end
Treading fields of lives burned
In an existence impaled by demise

In a land of fog...
Life ended


Possessed and tormented
Dead eyes inside
Yearning for rapturous death

You are the bearer
Of all I despise
Vengeance rising
Lust is for your demise

The sacrifice is thine...

Path of knowledge
Path of the plague
To hidden treasures below
The treasures of extinction

Daggers of distress
True demonic roots
Stabbed into your chest
Now blood obscures your visions

Nailed to the burning words
All words in murderous silence
Hatred is still burning inside

Possessed and tormente
Dimensions collide
Hail the coming era
The raging age of tyranny

You are the bearer
Of all I despise
A vengeance rising
Wrath, destruction, demise

The reeking flesh of their corpses
Is the smell of victory
Their false vision guidance
No longer will they decieve


Night falls
A presence of cold mesmerizing silence
Dead tongues lick the blood of innocence

Black wounds
Infested flesh rotting on abandoned soil
The fallen bearers of the black plague

The atmosphere holds no sign of life
Triumphant, a monument of desolation

Cold Stare, circle of eyes
Their rotted limbs entwined in rapture
Cold Stare, eyes of arisen evil
Yearning and hunger, unquenchable thirst

Angelic soil
A prey for the tyrants of cleansing fire

Through a reeking world buried in disgrace
To conquer their realms,
to reap the seed of the divine

The fires are eternal
The freezing fires formed to slay
Chained to holocuast wings
Onward to ecstatic rage

Cold stare, circle of eyes
Their rotted limbs entwined in rapture
Cold stare, eyes of arisen evil
The gates are open,
They wield the tongues of Hell


Distant cries transcending
At the final rays of light
Ancient bestiality awake
The ruins of the race of man

Rending blissful dreams
In a yet conscious sleep
Signs in fire and blood
A world enslaved, at its knees

Through the eyes of raven dark
To the wolf in heart
The seek of thy majesty
Of a withering heresy

Lungs of black air
Spew forth their stillborn saviour
The harvest of truth, the downfall of all
Light flicker and die

Kneel before your burning sanctuary
And let the fire consume your flesh

Seeds of higher knowledge
Spirits born to reign
Punishment unleashed
A new dawn, a dawn of flames

Dethroned and spat upon
Fallen in disgrace
Enslaved for aeons by the lies
Beneath the cross of resignation

Once bathed in the foul light
Of a sickening deity
Now drenched in the blood
Of a sacrificed humanity


Beyond redemption
Far from their burning sun
That they will see fade away
And it will get colder

Their eyes filled with dismay
For every newborn wind a death
And for every soul a new chill

And I am with the desecration
Reflection that fear in their eyes
Beyond Redemption

No Return...
Their Christ was never born
Their faith...
A myth bygone

Beneath cold skies
Fathering strength to live another day
In a realm reeking only darkness
Reeking only despair and famine
Reeking certain death

Abondoning all hope and will
Ready to behold the ice cold sun
Their final sight before demise

They never knew...
They only believed


Far above your foul words...
I stand
With immortal will,
Craving bloodshed
My fires will still burn,
When your flame is gone

You will try to make my blood pure,
And I will feed the hammer
You will never speal for me,
And your empty words will mean your end

Demonized anger
Seeks the devastation
In morbid thoughts and decay

Perversion, Blasphemy, Deathlust...

My last sight is...
For those of you,
Walking with your eyes closed
My heart's still cold,
When you are burnt to ashes

You will offer me redemption,
And I will cut you down
You will never get me,
The path to walk is far too long

Abysmal depths
Gateways to annihilation,
Into my void

Misanthropy, Hate, Total Contempt


Time elapsing
Evoking illusions of (those of) common visions
Opening eyes
Into simplicity and contentment

All though fades once the light fails...

And in these shadows
A reaping wind breathes the air
And I fall dead on the ground
In my mind...
My soul is torn to pieces
My heart is no longer pounding

Dreams of life seem morbid
A cold wind defeats the candle's flame
I can sense death...

One frozen second
Untouched like untrodden lands
A moment
Noone ought ever know (of)

Madness out of time...

And still you stand there
Wondering if you could
Send yourself to melancholy
Is this just the beginning of the passage
Or what paths are to be tread

Dreams of life seem morbid
A cold wind defeats the candle's flame
I can sense death...
Dreams of life seem morbid


All sanity's doom awaits beyond the given
And in the order of the sign of sin
You fall as the one misled
From where I stand, I can't see your reality
But you can see mine, in death and in blood

To not stand the ground you walk on
Means you have nothing to tread

A dawn praising the unholy three
Dead souls still cry and plea for sympathy
Their insecurity through loss of their purity
Makes them ours to burn

In a time before the hours of death
You close your eyes in lack of faith

A soul torn apart
Empty eyes betrayed by frail hope
As ignorance suffers from defeat
A malign star is cut into the face of mankind

To not stand the ground you walk on
Means you have nothing to tread

Unpure malice triumph reflects their misery
One by one they fall in the end
To where all that's pure and human falls...
Through winds of storming fire
Into deep black halls...

;歌词由 添加 SvartalyS - 修改此歌词