Pest (SWE) : Desecration

Black Metal / Sweden
(2003 - No Colours Records)


1. Ninth Nocturnal Departure

On the ninth nocturnal day
When the first frost strikes
A cold wave departure
Untouched by human hand
A slow demise, a silent funeral

In the ninth nocturnal skies
Stars of doom set ablaze
And in its morbid shade of presence
Of mysteriy and of the past
cold winds mourn

Under the ninth nocturnal sun
The summers are cold
a gentle breeze turns
Into furious storm of sorrow
All is dead. frozen dead

And the ninth nocturnal one
Possess my heart, possess my soul
my mind is black
my vision is clear
Possessed. and death obsess me

Fills the air
All is dead

Ninth nocturnal departure
The deepest of hate, the purest of pain
Covers the grave

Ninth Nocturnal Departure
The moon is full, the sky is black
Time is here..close your eyes
Slave, nocturne, nightbreed!

2. Commanding Armageddon

Screams of a malign hunger
Shatters heavens before me
Dead night storms enter...

No more light beyond the gates
Fog of the burning believers
Emerges from the soil
Beneath a sky and exploding stars

Wrath of a new era
New risen past of fury
Anvient wisdom have escaped...

Causing chaos and bereavement in your eyes
Years of he fallen humans
Drawing circles in the wind in one feeble attempt
To stir up the skies

Darkened images - of misery
Unholy visions - born from hate
I tread maelstroms forlorn...

Yearns of a thousand humans
Their tortured souls are falling
- By your path you stand betrayed...

Wastelands cold from winter frost
And endless deserts await beyond your sun

A spectral glow shimmers upon the dead
Monuments of death's pale dominion
Stand before you

3. Hours Of Eternity And Death

Shadows gather, eclipse the sun
A vague trail of souls fallen
Leads into the realms of death
A cry for mercy sounds unheard

Day of decease, day of grief
The hours are eternal
Black veil of torment
Fall on lives once blessed

They praised his love
They praised his lies

Bound by chains of Christ
They withered beneath his cross
Burning winds rend their flesh
Pain transcends, the hours of death

Bound to suffering
Bound to bleed
They sought a kingdom gone
They sought a kingdom dead
They sought his gates in vain

4. Dark Northern Winters

Dark northern winters
A pale white fullmoon glows afar
Its lifeless light leads us forth

Dark cold emptiness
Our frozen hearts shall never bleed
Spirits of immortality, spirits of northern pride

Cold. I walk into your depths
- Night eternal
Cold black hate
Dark northern winters await

Dark northern winters
They fail into the winds of the plague
All human life shall die
inside its glimmering darkness

Dark northern hate
We are the pain inside you
We are the nails driven through your souls

Cold. I walk into your depths
- Night eternal
Cold black hate
Dark northern winters await

Dark northern winters
Your souls are bleeding
Dark northern hate

Dark northern winters
our triumphal procession
Dark northern hate
We are the hands of Death

Chasm open, evil spreads
Cries shatter the silence
Beneath our northern heaven
lies his feeble servants dead

We are the bringers of the storm
The reaping winds upon his breed
Upon his throne, upon his realm
his blood streams upon my hands

Sun shall not rise again
Your god shall not rise again
We unite in deepest hate
Dark northern winters await

And I walk into your depths
- Night eternal
Cold black hate

Dark northern winters await

5. Descending

Soul torn
Slowly fading
Blood ceases to flow
Falling into nothingness
I taste death upon my lips


Eyes shut to see
The gates ahead
I no longer hear
The screams inside of me

Their hands. touch me
The dark, touch me
Cast into shadows
Eternity, take me


6. I Am The Plague

Mesmerized by fire
Endless dark flames
My eyes bleed
This desolate deam breeds in me

The cross lies shattered
As i crawl out of the abyss
Night descends
Lives wither before me

A journey through aeons of tragedy
I rape your world in scorn
Onwards through infinity
into chaos, into war

I am tragedy
I am darkness
I am the plague

I am torment
I am grief
I am the plague

I am bereavement
I am decease
I am the plague

Stench of destruction
Hell rages
The battle is unleashed

Dead sols arise
Crushing the gates
Vortex of the ever damned

Black death spreads
Condeming humanity
To misery

Mesmerized by fire
Endless dark flames
My eyes bleed
This desolate dream possess me

Silence falls
Heaven darkens, all is dead
Memories of life so pale and vague
Misanthropy leads me
- I am plague

;歌词由 添加 Bourrin - 修改此歌词