ONATRA : For Your Soul

Symphonic Metal / Ukraine
(2012 - Self-Released)



That day was, maybe, dead wind.
And the feelings could not be born.
That night our dream was broken,
And the magic could not be refrained.
I should not have met you
And fall in love with that illusion.
I should have waited for betrayal.

Wonderful days, fragrant flowers,
The birds fly in heaven.
The red poppy near the sweetest lips.
Our nice ring is now lost.

Our small paradise
Was here, on Earth,
Like stars in the sky.
Now it is ruined,
It burned away suddenly,
And covered my head with ash.

For your soul I will be defeated.
For your soul I will forget your offences.
For your soul I will die.

The black crow is flowing to me,
Through the darkness and coldness.
Bringing sinister memories and tears.


You are looking at me from behind broken mirror.
I want you to stand by me, near.
I feel so lonely on this side of reflection.
I need so much to have connection
With you.

I don't hear your voice,
I don't feel your sigh,
I've made up my choice,
I do want to die
To be with you.

You are looking at me
Stand in front of the mirror.
Waiting for moment
When I could not fear.
Forget the past
And kill the hope
Of you be here.

Forgive my thoughts
Untie the knots.
Just let me fly...
Oh, please, don't cry...
I do want to die,
To be with you.

Only when my fortune is kind
To lead me to you
I'll give up the fight
To reach you.


I feel your steps behind me,
I hear them next to me
I hear your gentle voice,
It sounds like wind.
You know everything about me.
You keep up with me everywhere.

I begged you...
Don’t go! Don't cry! Don't wait!
I told you...
Don't run! Don*t think! Don*t love!
I loved you
So long ago, when you did.
Our feelings burned down
In front of my eyes.
Good bye.

Morning sun dazzles my eyes.
Your steps are so close to me.
I must live with them...
With shadow's steps, shadow's steps.
It's not so easy to forget
Steps of beloved

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