Neolithic (PL) : The Personal Fragment of Life



For destroy the appearance
For the new better time

Born from objects of the wickedness

We are looking for beauty inside
The rubbish bin from our feeling
It doesn't matter what we'll find

For destroy the arrogance
For the new technology

Space, sky as skill and down the winners
The people hang in fiction circle
And enjoy the degeneration

Whether hidden eye with curtain
Still is our sun

Because that isn't our love
That's money and tolerance or hidden hate
Endeed it's all the same

For destroy the lament

Somewhere on the street
Slides the real light of love
That's hope for the crazy people
One day I'll find it


I thing I saw their faces
They stood behind the window
They stared deep at my dark room
The faces become clearer

I open and closed my mouth
Helpless I more my hands
But my voice in isn't mine
My movement isn't mine
Peace miniature
Huge war

Spare time
Sunrise to sunset
So spare time like a huge black hole
The silence in the universe
There are know faces and nights

Slowly and wordless
They absorb the rest of my defeat
Ash has bitter flavour when life
Without saveword

The nights call me to them
The nights give me knife
The nights rip my hands

All the nights are secret friends

Like a moonmessenger
Like a hungry locust
Empty coffin, empty ghoust


[In Memory of Bruno Shultz]

The green eyes showed the tiredness

Although without name
Looking for a new form

Through the cloudy night
There was the brilliance
Mute expouding the wordless
As personal fragment of life

Wonderful and handsome
Prosperity although meaning ruin

Who knows how many old and
intelligent martyrdom is in the martyr
And how many cruel idea

Horrible transplant
Hate between strange races and
Species although all prisoners
In unluky life without solution

Ho can uncover in people the
Old faces, lough and glances?

Questions without answer
Illusion without reason
Infancy without happiness
All my words without sense


Monotony in life
Act and greed
Separate illusion as memory
Born from hope in four walls
Deep and hidden into ghost
So easy all these things to destroy
The corner of time is a line
In the beginning and end
Denote the reality and eternity
So when they cut my hands
They hang me from neck
They hang me because of lying and truth
I want to hug the earth and sky
Because I'll not learn
They open the door
When I go away my world will burn
And will stay only the conscience
None piece of meat will be in safety


Numb view meens to expect
Face like wither lenf
The running of the river will break
That's alread the end of unguilt

New country, new wave
Trip without return
Never wait and everything will be

Travel by ship is lasting
The sails of life are brocken
You need help but it's senseless
Because the alchemist is gone

Turning face to the sea
And looking at the twisted figure
You look at the twisted real life
The reality is grey and confused
Inhuman like bed wish

New dignity..., old reality

It is said that are infinite things
It is said that sth is destroyed
In pieces
Do you know what in cost?

Look at yourself
That's crazy building

Destroy and put in order
The last day and the blue intelligence
The faithful will resuscitate

Weaken shows the end of horizon
That's old age

;歌词由 添加 Neoryo - 修改此歌词