Necrophagia (USA-1) : Season of the Dead





Confusion starts to fade
I lay in a pool of blood
Cold chills under my skin
A sign my life's coming to an end

Cloud of mist
I travel at light speed
The tunnel of life escaping me
Burning grip takes hold as I die

Sulfuric gas collides with acid rain
My body burns
Everlasting pain
A lost soul searching for domain

I beg for mercy
My torture never stops
Endless hemorrhage
Suffering for the sins of life

Forbidden pleasure
The rite to live
A time to die!


Taking away your scared life
In many ways I shall describe
Suffocation decapitation or twist of the knife
Nihilsm reigning deep inside

Lacerate your skin
Rip it from the bones
Asphyxiated gargles
You struggle, suffer, moan

The need to feel you suffer
Grows stronger everyday
The hatred on my face
Will bring you to your grave

Possessed from outer limits
Watch the blood flow endlessly
Stab and stab repeatedly
Blood instictively begins to clot
Demise draws near
Smell the divine rot

Now watch your crimson as it bleeds
Another victim, another casualty
Out of touch with reality
On a death trip fantasy
Add another to my killing spree

The need to feel you suffer
Grows stonger everyday
The hatred on my face
Will bring you to your grave


A lifeform creature fly by night
Preying on innocent victims
Their ailing bodies filled with fright

Endless torture you will pay
Consuming your blood
Reaping your soul
Ends my lustful rage

Your crucifix can't help
Not backed by faith
My pleasure is your pain
I drink your last drop
As you breathe your last breath

Continued existence
To my 2000 years of age
Needs mortal blood to survivve

Your dead carcass
Drained of life
Your corpse looks stale
As it rots in the night

Sunrise brings another day
Rest at dawn
Soon you must slay

Transformation has already begun
You will soon feel the urge to feast on the living
And taste their blood

Endless torture
You will pay
Consuming your blood
Reaping your soul
Ends my lustful rage


Once parted body and soul
Believed to be the final stage
Man's arrogant perception of the grave
Mausoleum sanctuary of lies
Portal back to the dimension of life
Deceased souls of a wretched past
Far worse than heaven has cast
Rotting dead now brought to life
Supernatural evolution
Creating a new form of man

Power of illusion
Emulate flesh and life
Transcend from their rest
Hunger of the dead pulsates in their blood

Rebirth of the damned
Abhorence of mankind
Raping the law of nature
Break the threshold of time

Resurrected walk amoung the unsuspecting
Growing in vast number
Until the dead outnumber the living
Complete the final seige
Ravage and take absolute control


Many creatures have come to pass
Ties creeps ever so slowly
Winds of past reflections of the future
Eternal rest no more

Five closed minds
Provoking a force
Necronomicon, book bound in flesh
Source of all that is evil

Ancient slumber, now disturbed
A welcomed rude awakening
We come forth upon your summoning
Entering your body
To control and possess
Our lost souls now live as one
Until we have you all

Waiting eagerly
We have anticipated this eve
To fulfill our wrath

One vacant soul still left
To join us
He shall fall like all the others before him


Summoning all the knowledge
Learned from the time of birth
Clouded by a shadow of doom
Guided only by instincts from the past

Feeding on flesh and bowels
As if it cures the desiase
Cannibalistic epidemic continues
Infecting thousands by the day
Millions shall victim to the plague

Witnessing as far as the eye can see
Desecrated remains that cover the ground
Dried blood encrusted and brown
Rancid stench of defecation
Entrails lie dragged about

Roaming the earth
Wasting, rotting away
Infested with thoughts (of what life used to be)
No escape from this living hell


Foretold in may prophecies
Global apocalypse has arrived
Those who lived, wish they were dead
Walk the live of life and death
Radiation that covers the skies
Nuclear mutants holes for eyes

Burnt beyond recognition
Melted flesh nature's disguise
Charred corpses ashes to dust
Malicious cries of unrelenting lust

Mutated victims, dwell underground
Contamination leads to starvation
Water and food supply destroyed
Chemical disease followed by

Diabolical unleashment
Spewing forth an inferno of carnage
Torn wasteland of rubbish and debris
After the bomb, nothing left to see

Power hungry nations
Technology and science
Prove man's progression is really regression

War and political violence
Have brought about the end
Blood for blood
Abomination the final godsend


Conjure the spirits which may not choose to believe
Mystical visions start to appear
Motionless poised reaction
Controlled by internal fear

Beads of perspiration
Follow in hastened sequence
I'm beyond the realms of tranquility
Distortion outrage cerebral dismal
Compelled by a joyous feeling of rage

Instigating homicidal craze
Implant seeds of hate
Creating images of horror

Powers which mankind refuses to condone or conceive
Beware what curiosity and ignorance breed
For what is not believed
May turn out to be your destiny


I lust for your pain
Classified sadistically insane
Try to survive
Run but you can't hide
Within my grasp, tense with fear

I'm on the hunt
A psychopathic rage
Next victim soom will die
Sadistic grunt, post mortal cries

Scream writhe in sweat
Painful discharge
I tear your limbs apart
Death now descends
Rip out your heart there is no one like me
I have no remorse or pity
Walk among the night if you dare
I have no name
I'm your worst fucking nightmare

My satisfacation
Instinctive reaction
To my blackened soul
I have no control
Kill at command
No need to understand
Why it has chosen me

;歌词由 添加 Apocalypse - 修改此歌词