Krisiun : Conquerors of Armageddon

Death Metal / Brazil
(2000 - Century Media)



Damned kingdom of fertility and creation - darkned destiny
Yet strengthened with the power of gods - underworld awaits
Hunger lord of pestilence and flies - infiltrator of plague
Defy the raging of gods - ravager of earth
Mundane spirits rejoice - at night wings
When the soil drains pouring blood
When the ashes of dead arise
Spill thy blood for the master

Defecation on the cross of salvation - assault the altar
Immense halo of flies - enchanting pest
Slowly crossing the plane - blind rapture
Spilling the seed of plague - hatred consecration
Ascending smoke of putrid stench
Unleash the pestilence wrath
Worms erupt from Christ infection
Entire creation perish bellow
Unleash terror as cruelty descends

Grotesque lord the emperor
To thee each wound bleeds back
Nihilistic entity smash the harmony

Gruesome lord of the emperor
Pestilent seed of decay
Defecate on the raped pray
Crush the ones who defy

Manifest of decayed stench
As the confined undead awake
Unleash the pestilent wrath
For the hunger lord of flies
Harvester of savior's head


Enter the gates of pure abominations
Of abyssic chambers with infinite dimensions
Frozen winds distant shine of stars
Distorted reflections
Of the slaughtered and damned
Following circles of malignant essence
Fallen angels feasting thru seas of black blood
Awaiting for the summoning of infamous command
As the blackest sun solstice breeds
Blinding shine of cataclysms
Massive merciless genocide

Mayhemic spells of pure chaos evocation
Supreme conjuration of satanic rites
Cleanse the race of damnation
In a stormy blast dragged reaped flesh
Destroy the doomed corpse with lust
Release it's soul upon the blackest bounds
Infernal hordes of hades enraged
Fierce beasts ride for decay
Destroy the legions of the dethroned emperor
Whip it's souls upon the underword of
Majesty and damnation

Impureness turns into pureness
Beyond the gates upon the infernal circles
Drowned and damned where etter flows
And moribund awaits
Along the putrid waters of Acheron
Torn corpses dragged and crushed
Into storms of grinding flesh
Whirlwinds of carrion and putrid stench
Evil gods of warfare and revenge rejoice


I've seen the angel with sad eyes
Holding the flames of pure damnation
Bearer of light might evil one
Banished from heavens to rise again
Surrounded by thousands of serpents and beasts
Cursed child of damned god's spawn
Angel of abyss devourer of souls
Evil effigy shine the ancient rebirth
Supreme chants of necromantic prophecies
Throughout spheres of fire and light

Conjuration to rejoice on demon's wrath
Embraced onto infernal revelations
Deep in the darkest abyss
I evoke the almighty curse
From the light - bringed god of rebellion
I see the sun dies as I hear the children cries
Decipher of the seven seal Lucifer
Merciless massacre in thy name

Emperor of evil spheres purify with unholy wrath
Lord of the Antichrist legacy summoning the light for pain
Desolation all thru the centuries enthroned as god
As the curse remains

The curse has been fulfilled
Before the holy alliance of perpetual fallen
Destiny fated for chaos and destruction
Usurper prince of devouring death
Atrocious Sabbath desecration of sacred blood
Shadows and darkness descends
As the shine of the most infernal curses
Ascends raising the dead again


Abyssal blasts of raging profanation
Unburying the essence of perpetual revelation
Angel of aberration enslaved into submission
Banished from the fallen mortifying faith
Hear the nailed Christ sorrowful screams
As the holy wounds hurt and bleed

Pestilent infestation towards retribution
As the dying earth agonizes
And pervades the horrors of holocaust
Accursed epitome of the emptiness of god
Fallen scriptures denounces deceit
Baptismal of destroyed sacrament
High priests spewing blood transgressing the signs of holiness

Raging plague entombs the church of Christ
Chaos summoning into the eternal night
Black earth emplagued by the obscured skies
Baneful storms chaotic winds blow
An evil blast proclaim extermination of sacred domain

Abyssal gates of raging profanation
Unburying the essence of perpetual revelation
Angel of aberration enslaved into submission
Banished from the fallen mortifying faith
Hear the nailed Christ sorrowful screams
As the holy wounds hurt and bleed


Doomed imprecations of fallacy
Abominations on the blackest void
Angels flesh dissection
Holy carrion begotten
Unexpected blessings of pain
Tortured nation repent
Burnt monuments and idols
At the altars of the fallen cross
Sacred signs of deceit bleed
Behold the rebirth of the evil one

Cast fallen
Desecration of the sorrowful god
Sworn to decayed deceit
Hear the lament of the weak
Spawned painful disease
Retribution of all curses return
Mother's sisters blasphemous lust
Murder the unwanted embryo
Bearing the cross of molestation
Enchanting sodomy

Accession of darkest domain
Dethroning god of fallacy
Tortured slaves crawl
Beneath their impaled idols
Ablazing flames of thousand suns
Brands and destroys the heaven's empire


Insulting blasphemous eminent gods
Hatred elders of almighty curse
Ascending spells casting storms of plague
As abyssic cracks of hecatomb breaks forth
Devourment of the Nazarence's breed
Swallowed upon the chasm of eternal black
From below to beyond the stars
Persecution of fallen souls
Draining armies of corpses
For the kingdom of death's alignment
Mighty infernal legions attack
Impaled Christ falls from the skies

Overlords of hatred consecration
Exalt the spirits of tyrant command
Cast the emplagued scourge
Thru seas of reaped flesh and gore
Infamous force of blackness unleash
Upon the gate of no return
The flesh of all men devoured
All blood of creation spills
Dying for the mighty sword
Souls of holiness entangled
Drowned on the stream of all pain Jehovah god desecrated

Heaven's empire of deceit destroyed
Cleansing in ablazing firestorm
Envenoment and molestation down below
Swallowed into the seas of black blood and gore
Infestation of scourge and damnation
Spirits of abomination ride
Enthroned empowered in flames
Wicked merciless gods celebrate

Conquerors of Armageddon
Impaling spike on the damned cross
Kill, kill, kill lord Jesus Christ

Infamous force of blackness unleash
Upon the gate of no return
The flesh of all men devoured
All blood of creation spills
Dying for the mighty sword
Souls of holiness entangled
Drowned on the stream of all pain Jehovah god desecrated


I'm thy blood abominated bad spilled
By the works of darkness and hatred
I'm abyssic flames infernal fire of defamation
Which burns and brands the sacred scriptures
Wielder of the oppressive sword of revenge
Blood of sacrificed showers from my blade
Marching over slaughtered preys I feast
Ascending storms of scourge I ride
Spewing the rites of ritual sacrifice
I'm the one baptized in flames

Ceremonial death thru merciless desecration
Black blood unleash my heart of stone
Eyes of horror are always around me
Beholding the preys of deception die
Domination for the tyrant revenge
Desolation of holiness summon my name
From within the beast's brood I came
Raised to murder the holy one
Wicked insane with malevolent mission
Hatred inherit my light became black

Reciting evoking pouring of blood by my hands
Infesting the circle I summon the fire - god
Murder of divine grace
Flesh desecrated violation of sacred code
Pestilent feast
Ravager of holy decay I shall stand
The painful sorrow of living triumph of death
Hatred inherit pestilence of peace
Lord of infamous arts I shall stand

Hatred inherit pestilence of peace
Son of the abyssic gods spawned in battle to reign
Hatred inherit my light became black


Impending hunger ravens fluttering
Thru a stormy ominous horizon
Awaiting for the flesh impaled on iron stakes
Summoning the rites of the hatred gods of mars
Bestial revenge for the oath of the throne
Legions of mass murdering ride
Revengeful inherits towards to clash
Driven to devourer the enemies heart
Envenomed arrows crossing the skies
Yet it falls eminent death ascends
Drink the wine of pure vindication
Spilled from the enemies veins

Hatred wielders of swords and blades
Bearing the pure essence of killing
Determined to rape the ones that stand
Desolation of headless defeated
Flying rocks smash upon the soil
Crushed bones broken swords and shields
Carrion to ravens erected corpses on iron stakes
Marching over gore and reaped flesh
Blood's pouring and spilling like rain
Above the mist and stench of blood in flames
Victorious flags stand

Conquerors of the bloody lands
Enthroned into the fire of battle
Eminent lords of warfare
Vengeance for the wicked majesty
For their breed smashed and their women enslaved
Forged kingdom at sacrificial dawn
Hail pure gore at the rising sun
March, march and raise the flag of ascending scourge
At war with Sathanas
Into the kingdom of flames it's troops descends


Down below the remains of my grave
An incessant summoning rages on
Evoking and descending into pure obscurity
Scepters of madness surround me
Transgressing visions and horrors
Of my cursed blasphemous past
Brimstones stench from my ashes arise
Erupting blind maggots and worms
Within the downfall of shadows
My fierce spirit rides again

Revengeful creature of hatred
Massacre of nations I've seen
Enchanted as cursed
By the serpents from the deep
At nigthshade my soul drifts
Inbreeding the hate profanation
Incantation of powers corpses
Of angels I devourer
Bring of revenge
Accursed creature of hatred
Spells of desecration I cast
As I ride thru the maze of death
Upon the kingdom of madness
At each dawn I die

Creature of hatred entrangled into madness
Ritual of blood for my existence
Secrecy of black rites I evoke
Killing and dying evoking descending

For its power for me conceived
For its spells for me revealed

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