Isis : Oceanic

Post Hardcore / USA
(2002 - Ipecac Recordings)


1. The Beginning And The End

Long you both laid in the sun's yellow stare
On the edge with eyes rolled back the waves we calling him

As he teetered on the edge
The waves were calling him

He had seen it, felt its might, bent under

Washing away
He thinks of you
Everything slows
Light flashing through

The water flies
Over his head
You are me now
As you lay on my bed

The water flies
Over his head
You are me now
As you lay on my bed

This is what he'd always known
The promise of something greater beyond the water's final horizon

2. The Other

In this secret way
He knew you first

And from those lips, a seed

Your mouth dropped open
Darkness fell out

Kept close in skin
Kept close in blood
And in he was

And from those lips, a seed

This is the gift that he received
Twisted roots kept warm

Rape she was and ready for the death

3. False Light

Come down on me, my sweet angel
Poison milk from that withering breast
Come down on me sweet suffocation
Poison milk from that withering breast

Your mask is drifting
See what writhes beneath

Porcelain grin is cracking, incest to uncoil
Your laugh spreads yawning, black hole formation

Drown and the first real breath takes hold
Washed in a chill so peaceful, sink further

Hold his hand and crush it

The depth of the charm is infinite
Discover bliss and serenity in drowning

4. Carry

And the water takes hold
Fills his lungs and crushes his body

Dust floats through sun and water
As you draw close
Fall to me
He sees like his never seen before
I will carry you
True and free

And the water carries him away
Now that you are here
You'll swim with me
Soon he ceases to be at all
I am clutching you

He sees like he never sees before
He is light in water

5. (Untitled)

6. Maritime

7. Weight

All in all in, all in a day
A day it changes everything

8. From Sinking

His time there so long
His fingers trace the endless walls he knew so well
And there the breaths were short and hard and thick with salt
And in this place he always knew he'd wake alone

Hands clutch in panic
In this place he built of sand homes that caved
The walls were weak with salty tears
Through the cracks in these walls he saw the sun

The sun dripped through the cracks and died
Shadows managed to betray

Like liquid was the sadness
Until into the light he stepped

In this truth he knew himself to be
From sinking sands he stepped into lights embrace

9. Hym

Love flows fears no window minds time oceanic
Dissolve me

His own light, now it's gone

The thirst came on
And it came on in waves

He would dream of cells swollen with water

Blank memory washed away
Swallowed whole through eyes and teeth