Hecate Enthroned : Virulent Rapture

Symphonic Black / United-Kingdom
(2013 - Crank Music Group)



Screams of the goddess
Echo through me, my soul torn
Unending, deathless
The memory of illusionary thorns

Awakening beneath the cursed ground
Rising through the depths of lifeless stone
Ancient cruelty, forgotten beauty
Intertwined through satanic litany

Monarchs of destructions
Shall blot out the barren stars
Reigning for untold aeons
Upon thrones of shadow

A new age dawns above
The blackened earth
The weak shall tremble
All shall fall before our wrath

Death to the tribes of Judah
I shall exalt in their demise

Awakening beneath the cursed ground
Final voice of prophecy
Ancient cruelty, forgotten beauty
Resurrected eternally
I shall fear no enemy
Before your malign faces three
Dark mother of witchcraft
At the crossroads shall we meet


Blind to the wisdom that hides within
The face of the baleful azure sky
Mysteries bound beyond counting
Within infernal sanctuaries

I reach out to grasp the shackles and
Tear them from my withered skin

Awake now from this slavery
Taste of this infinity
To destroy the bloody chains
To deny the pillars of being

Primordial chaos incarnate
I wander through the heavens' vastness
All before me shall I lay waste
Unto the end of all

All before me shall I lay waste

As I apporach the heavens' gate,
Slaked in the blood of christ,
I embrace this damnation,
flood my body with divine scorn

Paths wrought from the skin of angels
Alone shall I walk
Through the empyrean
And so I descend to
The silent watchers
Beyond the gates of dawn


A sickness is breeding here
Within the soils of this world
Creation reduced to tarnished silver,
Accumulation's hollow child
Following greed sullied parables
They build on works of corruption
Raising the towers of Babel
On the backs of mindless men

Cleansing flame shall descend
The burning tongues of Phlegethon
In the name of our dark lord
Shall their blood feed the river's flow

Staring into their eyes
Nothing but emptiness
My blade shall be answer
As it falls through their flesh

Your gold and silver is tainted
And their rust shall bear witness
Your lives and deeds wasted
And your legacy is dust
The blood of billions stains the earth
None shall escape the fires
Of the infernal goddess' kiss
Humanity scattered,
They march into the abyss


Auguries of disease have
Finally come to pass over this world
In clouds rampant pestilerous death
Raining down from the skies
Crowds gasping for air as
The abhorrence takes hold
I am as one with the pestilence,
Bestowing this final gift

Sewing contagion amongst
The helpless flock
Mercilessly I am scourge
To man and beast alike
Their feeble shepherd writhes,
His skin blistered and cold
I am the death of God,
Plageous black salvation

The earth I defile
Extinction of the human race
Satan's will unfurled

Plagued by black death

Poison seeps through the veil,
The absence between the worlds
Plunging doomed the
Lands into eternal night
Power unrivalled,
Anticosmic darkness unbridled
Purification through all
Pervading nightfall's vines

Plagued by black death

As the seraphim cease their song
With the heavens collapsing around them
Behold, the emptiness of the lightless sky
Behold, the majesty of pestilential death

Behold the emptiness of the lightless sky
A vast unmoving expanse
Behold the majesty of pestilential death
And the contamination of all life


As the visions burn...
As my skin turns cold...
I clench my bloodied fist
And the knife carves my wrist

Wracking my body
In ecstasy
Liberation in extremis

Reflected in mirrors
Despair's divine image

Crystal tained
Crimson flows
Liberation in extremis

Lost in the grip of euphoria
As my life's blood is shed
As the knife
Tastes flesh
Exalted broken wretch

Lost in the grip of euphoria
As my life's blood is shed

My will turned to hate
My malice turned to bliss
Nausea flooding my senses as
My wounds quiver and beg for more

'Ere the sun rises
I will breathe no more

Suicide sacrifice
Abhorred truth of demise
No journey into the
Reachless skies


I see behind the screams
Bore into their stricken minds
Labyrinthine passages of smoke
Consumed by madness divine

Ecstasy from misery, unholy sorcery
Chance to recapture
Monarchy and cruelty, transcendent blasphemy
My virulent rapture

Mundane human suffering
Will not sustain me long
Inflicting my own terrors
Upon banquet shall I gorge

Ecstasy from misery, unholy sorcery
Chance to recapture
Monarchy and cruelty, transcendent blasphemy
My virulent rapture

Feeding on torturous horrors
My pain bloated face smiles
Parasite and the victim
Living is their only crime

Condemned to their tepid world
But on their pain I thrive
Infinite the moment for me
So old ravaged by time

Born and ruled as king
Now ermine swapped for rags
Dethroned and cast out
Their pain my pathway back

Condemned to their tepid world
But on their pain I thrive
Infinite the moment for me
So old ravaged by time

Ecstasy from misery, unholy sorcery
Chance to recapture
Monarchy and cruelty, transcendent blasphemy
My virulent rapture

Condemned to their tepid world
But on their pain I thrive

Born and ruled as king,
Their screams my pathway back


How the time
Has worn on
Reflecting life
And future
Decisions made
Past and present
Where I stand
Is at the peak

And here I am ruler
And here I stand King
The right things done
Satan guides me

A life's worth more than life's worth to
You, king of the Jews

I learned your lies and I learned the truth
I learned your creed and I learned your noose
I learned your lies and I learned your ways
I saw your blood and I saw your death

I taught your lies and I taught my ways
I taught my kin and I taught him sin
I taught about hate and about intolerance
I spoke of honesty, I spoke of truth

A life more than, than your life
A life's more than a life's worth to
You, king of the Jews


Here in the dark of the godless depths
Eternally I dwell
Long ago forsaken to
Lie and burn in fire
Castigation my soul binds
To the demonic winds
I am born as the planets align
At long last unconfined

Subterranean swarm
Sulphurous hordes
Satanic carrion calls
Slouching towards War

Grant me their pain, grant me their unending suffering
As my legions carve through them in howling torment
Grasping for their skulls I kill, bodies fall before my will
I denounce their master as I walk over their corpses

I shall drink the messiah's blood and lay his arrogance low
His broken body pitiful sacrament to maggots
His effigies crushed to dust ,from this day abandoned
I shall destroy these mortal lands, razing them to the ground

And so I cast my arm to the North, and hell roams close behind
Raising high my throne adorned with entrails, flame and bone
Rejecting divine falsehood, I shall become the sun's bane
Through communion with the dark lord I shall rule this dominion

Grant me their pain


As the sun sets I cast off
My waking flesh as it dissolves
Into ether the bonds that
Chain me here

Hear my call and guide my hand,
Hear these words of adoration
Blood of the witch awakens
Ever seeking promethean light
Darkness' promise revealed
The eyes of Hecate
Tearing through the veil

Manifold are the mysterious
Blessings of the sevenfold curse
The key to immortality
Her insidious harvest

Down the generations I can feel her presence
Encircling my body claim my soul for your own

From the black, come forth
And light the roads to the underworld

Tea rmy skin and drink of my blood
Reduce me to nothingness

To know sheer antinomian will
To dare to lose yourself in it's depth

From the black, come forth
Cloak me and light the roads to the underworld




Lost is the straight path
To the edges of consciousness
Gates of horn and ivory
Crown a lake of bitterness

Wraiths line the fields of this hell
Consumed with vain regret
Blind worms ignorant
Of knowledge in the self

These madmen and lepers
Do themselves condemn
In dreams of abberration
Drowning insipid vermin
Is there nothing beyond?

Is there nothing before me?
Radiance of the void
Dis staring back at me

Purify the vessel
In darkness pain no more
Open my weary eyes
Smash the gates to the abyss

The only apotheosis is bloody tears
And the wretched laughter of the gods

Flame surrounds me
Raging columns burn
Circles of the dead
By the light of the seven pointed star

Hidden in secret ciphers and edicts of fire
Spectres reappear and fade
As I rend the branches
Of the tree of death
Lost in sorrow and
Forgotten desire

Sacred night enshroud my soul as
Offering to the who
Dwells beyond
I am become timeless amongst
You, as I embrace the silence

;歌词由 添加 Insmomnium - 修改此歌词