Gloomy Grim : Born in Fire

Symphonic Black / Finland
(2000 - Holy Records)



These things said the son of the lord,
Who has his eyes like to a flame of fire
And who will fight against them with the sword
Preparing us for our glory
I will kill their children with death,
All the people shall know that I am the chosen
And I saw a new heaven and a new earth
For the first heaven and the first earth was gone
And the sea now no more exists
Hell and death only reigns supreme

And I saw a creature coming out from the bottomless pit
The old serpent, which is the devil an satan
He came here to lead us in our path
And the false prophets shall be tormented
Day and night for ever and ever
And I who have heard and seen these things
I fell down ro adore beneath the feet of the demon
And he said to me : see thou do if not,
For I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethen the prophets
And of them that keep the words
Of the prophecy of this vision
We are
Born in fire
Every day I will bless you
I will praise thy name
For you are the king of kings,
Lord of the lords

The new king
Worship him!
His wrath
Worship him!
With hate
Worship him!

The weak ones
Worship him!
The new king
Worship him!

His wrath


I was dreaming when I saw her entering from mist,
Or so I thought

She was pure, like Wolf at night
Cold as fire, innocent like sword

And she said to me : Seal not the words
Of the prophecy of this vision
For your fate is at hand
Blessed are they who wash their robes in Blood

When I had seen her, I fell at her feet as dead
And she laid her hand upon me, saying :
Fear not I am the First and the Last.
I was dead,
But I am alive
And behold I am living for ever and ever
And I have the keys of Death and of Hell

She showed me The Truth

And behold a white horse, he that sat on him had a bow,
There was a crown given to him, and he went forth
Conquering what he might conquer

And there went out another horse that was red
And to him that sat there,
It was given that he should take peace from the earth,
That they should kill each other

And a great sword
Was given to him
To punish them
For their blasphemy
Against the Horned One
The Great Beast Of Revelation


Like Pack of Wolves,
We hunted our preys at Nights
Why they put you to the holy ground,
When you died?
I must get you out there
Or your soul can not be saved
War - I am coming to take you back.
War - Nothing can stop me now.
I kill, destroy, hunt those people,
Who did this to you
Hide if you can,
But you do it in vain
I'll crasp our soul and take you down,
Eternal torment in burning Flames
We were together as one,
By doing this to you they have done it to me.
I will see that day, when I'm gonna make them pay,
What they did to you is what I'll do to them
Blood - war - die

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