Disfiguring The Goddess : Deprive

Brutal Death / USA
(2013 - Decomp Records)


1. The Pathway to Everlasting Nothingness:
Sand and night for as long as physically present. A creator clearly puts a pawn into his tomb. Hold your fate for me. Recontract a swarming crown of improvection, Sand and night connect with the points of nine. Is the nature of evil rooted or is it a choice. The pawn without awareness ventures into a endless valley of foolish curiosity without being human.

2. Deaths Head Mask:
Translucent millions. One unit, countless heads. Elegant glass pedestal for us becoming... mechanical gears turning round and round. Frost storm. Waged war on the elements. Blood rusts, skin metabolizes. Comradery between flesh and machine, best and nightmare combined.

Translucent millions. One unit, countless heads. Elegant glass pedestal. Roar, influential. Countless heads. Supernatural imbued. Blood rusts, skin metabolizes. Forthcoming members for us becoming doom. For her becoming flesh. For him becoming power. For us becoming doom.

3. Home of the Dollmaker:
Repeat devotion poisons repeat straight lines. Illness is an object of war. Clarity paces calmly through the dark. Quarantined, it observes me. Bows his head. "Prophet dow below, feed me down your lies." Bleak agenda, prophet down. Sonic imperfection calmly through the dark.

4. Deprive:
Die serpent of set tide time. The fall of the great tree. Fly love locked seventeen. Live free. Crawling through the hallowed, and dried, like a insidious motion lets see the crevasse of time. Wretched the fall. All of you step foot. And die. All. Skeleton of the great tree like a lie you crevasse of time.

5. Industrial Quarter:

6. Swarm King:
A serpent light. The color is beautiful but the nature is deadly. The sky fills with an hue of apocalypse. Fear is surpassed by submission to death. The final rider. The grips of the beast fly through the air. Iverserating everything in sight. All that was loved. All that was earned. Stripped and erased.

7. Old Man:
Breathement. The sunshine pier of our time. How the time passes when I'm sailing through the ocean of the impossible. Unshadowed. Desereated. Life wrenched down fly royal fly. Oh how time passes when I'm sailing through the ocean of the impossible, lay my head to rest.

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