Darkest Hour : So Sedated, So Secure

Metalcore / USA
(2001 - Victory Records)


1. An Epitaph

The future five align. Empty promises find us all the time.
Would you put it all on the line for the lost and frozen years?
Leave us the bastard sons. Leave us the broken ones-
To fend for ourselves, one by one.
An epitaph not worth looking back.
Another sunset falls on red on black.
We hit a wall of dotted lines.
An epitaph not worth looking back.
Post cards of dust on bones. If the bad news doesn't beat us home.
A rusted chain of sympathy for time well wasted, losses faded.
A rusted chain of sympathy for time well wasted, losses...

2. So Sedated, So Secure

I feel so sick
So sick again
Just when I thought it went away
This time there's nothing I can take
To calm it down, to make it sleep
All this spent waiting
For a cure that's just beyond reach
One more forgotten day in line
One more desperate cling to control
Just don't wake up from this routine
This plastic mask covers everything
I heard you say you had the answer
A quick fix-- an easy way out
This time I'll try anything
To be so sedated, so secure

3. The Hollow

Stripped to the bone
Left standing alone
You want everything
And find falling home
Follow-- follow the hollow
And now there's no one left to burn
Nothing to lose, nothing to earn
Did you find what you were looking for?
Was the greed worth selling yourself for?
A bloodlust so deep it cuts
With the faith of a sadist's
Healing touch
And you follow the hollow
Your life is wrapped around greed addiction
And you follow the hollow
Your life is wrapped around the things you need

4. Another Reason

Keep your eyes on the trigger
And your mind on the ecstasy
Just caress the emptiness
Sit back and let it bleed
We need salvation
We need another god on the TV screen
We need to believe
Fill your pockets with other's casualties
Just a talk show leaper prophecy
Just caress the emptiness
Sit back and let it bleed
Can you show me happiness?
Can you show me the other side of the prison chain?
Can you show me primetime addiction?
Sadistic delusion
Our father, Our sponsor, Our cheap plastic figure
Our father, Our sponsor
Can you spare one more dollar?

5. No Closer Than A Stranger

You are a servant to your god
You are a slave to a book
You say you are just a messenger
But you'll end up hooked
This place feels like home
Walls echo, screaming no
This tough love feels
Like I'm being choked
Dependant on a whim
Bow down before him
You suckle righteousness
And siphon lies
This rope feels like home
My mouth is gagged
My hands are bound
This tough love feels like
I'm being drowned
And in a daze one day
You'll wake up old and gray
And realize you've alienated
Those who cared about you
Say you will forgive me me again
Your pride is the birth of your original sin
Say I can be saved again
Well I won't and I think you know
Because of you
This is not all for him
It's for you
The blessed father
Tainted blood of a martyr

6. A Cold Kiss

Of a dying breed and a decaying seed
We've been watching for years
Waiting for it to bleed
Handshakes and contracts
Just before they turn their backs
We've played along for far too long
We've played along for far too long
We'll lay this down to waste
We'll leave you with a bitter taste
A long road no closer to home
Long road and we know we're still alone
We've played for far too long
We hope you listen to at least this song
Nothing but traces
Countless empty faces
With black lips
A cold kiss
Of rejection

7. Treason In Trust

Shades of lies forming stained glass
The beauty of which distracts
Until it shatters down
Crashes down
Those whose colors shown until now
Accusations hurled at deaf ears
A link that breaks by light let in
The truth will surely fade
Ever rolling waves
Wash them away
They'll run from light they helped hide
Pointing fingers at each other
Until the sound of truth subsides
Screaming slowly turns to singing
Songs of shadowing of lies
Rebuilding shadowing of lies
Circumstantial truth of compromise
Rebuilding shadowing of lies
Paling apathy for truth survives

8. The Last Dance Massacre

A sudden gasp for air
One false move
A blank stare is waiting for you
Try to piece it together
But you haven't a clue
A blank stare is waiting for you
It sends an impulse out
Desperately searching
Feeding off remains of it all
Another burning bridge
Another casualty paid in full
Just let it crumble down
And put to memory
Remains of the wasted years
It wouldn't be the first time
It's all come crashing down
The awful truth is finally out
It's worse than you thought
Feeding off remains of wasted years

;歌词由 添加 Troodukus - 修改此歌词