CDC : Demo 2K3

Hardcore / USA
(2003 - Self-Released)


1) Cool Dudes Chillen
This is our war
A fight for truth
A fight for hardcore
Get on that dance-floor
Show me whatcha workin' wit

Stomp! Stomp! This song is for the ones who keep it real
Show us how the fuck you feel.
never break us, never take our pride.

awwwwwwwww CDC
1 down 49 fucking left to go
Road head, block parties after every show

I hate you, never needed you
Look at us now
Look at us, look at us now
Look at us, look at us now, from the ground up
Look at us, look at us now


CDC firestorm, were on the swarm.
When I close my fists I wont pull away until your dead
When your ashes make it home you'll be but a bad memory
and the last words you heard were CDC.

2) Crowd War
Holding your broken jaw, you wonder why CDC plays so fucking hard.
Go!… GO GO GO!
Fuck your phony façade. Don't care for your fucking image.
Face the mirror, you fucking joke, you're the same as all the others.
Television, magazines make up what you are.
What the fuck are you trying to prove, your no fucking star.
Smash your face with this hate coming from disgust.
CDC faggot stomp this is a must!


Here we fuckin go!
Crowd War!
Tear you and your friends from bow to stern.
Don't care if I'm 5'11''
155, its all about what's inside.
Crowd war GO!
Channel that energy in a negative way, there's gonna be a crowd war today.

3) Face the Barrel
I have walked the unbeaten path, a path I've chosen for myself.
The day you shut me out was the day I shut myself away.
Years it took to get back on track, become what I am by looking inside myself.
I once admired someone, a mistake ill never make again.

I have tried to hard in this life to
Only to be thrown away
I am what I am because of your neglect
Brother, face the barrel with pride
You killed my future, now its time to pay

(now its time to fuckin pay)

There will be no remorse
There will be no end
Even when you're gone, your impression will last in this broken heart
There will be no remorse
There will be no end
With your dying breath you'll remember what you've done

Tear out my heart
Because I'm done.

4) My Victory
Sometimes you lose,
Sometimes you win,
Get knocked down,
Get back up again.
When you think the bottle is your only friend
Just remember, that in the end
Through thick and thin
You are my brother. You are my friend.

Sometimes your friends aren't enough...
Raise up from the ashes of your mistakes, start again.
Even if the world holds you down, do for yourself.

Do what's in your heart, never think twice,
Your sights more precise with every roll of the dice

My victory, a catalyst, get the ones I love on their feet.
my victory.

5) This is Forever
We're all here
What are you here for?

I'm out to speak my fuckin mind
Opinions that I used to hide
One more time

Your life's so secure
Wish I had half what you've got
Something tells me you don't have what it takes
Determination and the fucking will

It's not about your indie fashion show
It's about the music and the bros
If you don't like the way it fuckin goes
Don't wanna see you at our shows

You don't like the way it fucking goes
Don't wanna see you at our shows
Running your mouth with the strength you lack
New jack better watch your back

Living in your safe world
You've got nothing to show
Standing at the back of the room
Whining about your broken glasses

Lets go

Your perceptions
Failed you again
Run back to Elliot you fucking faggot
You think
This is a fucking game
You're dead wrong
This is forever

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