Beneath The Massacre : Evidence of Inequity

Technical Death / Canada
(2005 - Galy Records)



Xenophobe visionary,
Spare me from your missionary speech
Nothing but hate for your kind
Your life spent on converting the flock
Why should I have tolerance
When this word means nothing to you
And your books, holy books?

"Love and compassion" seems long forgotten
When it comes to your missionary act
Fatal anachronism that will tear your all down
Does rotting scare you that much?

Comforting thought of thinking all the same
Is it going to make this all real?
Comforting thought of thinking all the same
Live for yourself your spiritual life
Does rotting scare you that much?

Imposing your reflection
So narrow understanding
Your beliefs are yours to keep
Does rotting scare you that much?


Religious soldier praying for a blessed kill count
That will lead his people to a false victory
The antagonist, blinded by the faith he has for another great dictator
Just to know any success in killing
Both sides are armed and ready for the next sacrifice:
A way used by those in power to hide economical interests under a crusade
Conditioned as they fight
Ready? The show will begin

Media: Cameras are shooting

Murders: World wide reported

Those in power counting
Ordered to kill and torture
Actions you find yourself doing
Questions didn't come to your head
Superiors still asking you to kill
Hatred used as a weapon. hatred, conditioned hatred.
History is repeating itself

Over and over again but we still don't get it
Divided : we surely will fall
History is repeating itself
Could we learn from our mistakes?


Blinded by the shining light of the screen
This fake reality will soon be mine
As I look I just become more obedient to my master's will

Punctilious work has been done to win our attention

Dictatorship of thought through the media

The first class controlling the center of attention
Concentration of the sources is the key for a forces fed mentality
A pipeline crushed in you is slowly flooding your mind with this reality
At their convenience.
Not only have I turned my back on the sheepherder
That once conditioned me but I as well left him to died and rot. Rot.


Prowling along the edge of misery
Suffocating on hope of better days
Questioning minds fed with the myth of opportunity

Born-dead: Death at birth
Unwanted: Still essential
Exploited: As they want
Born-dead: But shall rise

Destiny chosen by fortunate ones, wounded for life
Can't become a master when you're born slave
Slavery for the shut mouths

Mortification for majority
So that masters
Keep sleeping in
Their castles built of gold

A child's dream, nothing but dreams,
Will soon start to burn and turn to ashes.
The production equation doesn't bring wealth
For everyone, a thing to benefit the fortunate
Ones/empowered ones. Awake the born dead.


Face down. Obey to who is ordering : God and master.
Each one of us has someone to please
Work more, faster, the show, it must go on.
Work more, spend more,
Happiness is one purchase away
We live our lives like if our condition would be just a phase
In wait of some kind of recognition that will surely not come

As for me, I had enough
From now on, never more
Work more, buy more, spend more, then rot in peace
Work more, buy more

Happiness is one purchase away
Vicious circle, I put an end to this vicious circle
Will this persecution end only once I'm dead ?
And so we'll live in blood sweat and tars : no love no hate
And so we'll die : bound to happen

I won't die the same
Happiness can't be bought
No respect can be found in a system based on our craze for the superfluous
Happiness can't be bought. No respect can be found in a system based on
Our craze for the superfluous. Happiness can't be bought.
Dignity is coming back as I swear to myself now : From now on, never more.

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