Armagedda : Only True Believers

Black Metal / Sweden
(2003 - Agonia Records)



I have refused the blood of Jesus
I have kissed the goat
I glorify the true master
And I give my soul to him

The beast controls my mind
No one can resist his power
He is the lord of everything
Satan lights my desire

I have refused the lekamen of Jesus
I have been baptised in unholy blood
I glorify the tyrant of evil
And pray for armageddon to com

The beast controls my mind
I can't resist his malicious charm
He is my master forever
Satan lights my desire


In the moonlight walk the shapes
That you never see
To the dawn, the supreme rage burn
Of unholy spirits
They hunger for your life
Which doesn't really exist
Because their will
Is to see you suffer


Only true believers
Will find their strenght
When Satans power
Show It's real face
The demons beneath the dark throne gathers
And they will bring you
Mental funeral



The emperor from the eternal dark
I'm thee worthy
The spiritual war is here, I can see through my sense
We are waiting for the moment, to kill or be killed
He is heavens damnation

Take part of His devilish creation
Before Jesus will take part of you
The dark is carrying the strength
That will lead the life to it's end

I am supporting the army of mayhem
Bringing fatal diseases to the world
Death will leave you to your destiny
We are heavens damnation


I don't like the modern humans
I don't care if someone of them dies
I'm not happy to see your ugly face
As long as you're still alive

You won't infect me by your presence
But you will make me sick of hatred
I cannot hold myself any longer
I'm about to make you suffer

You call yourself Christian
But you don't know what it mean
Just wanna stab all the hearts of stupidity
I have the guts you never get from your god
The time has come to glory the true master

I look at you and see pure weakness
You are one of those who doesn't have a mind


The stench from the forest
Of burning skin
Bringing memories back
From ancient Sacrifices

It has been centuries
Since I left my body
But I still live
Through the sound of torture

My sense falls to the depths of
Filth, pain and suffering
Which is feeding my inspiration
To my art of undead human corpse sculpture

I taste the evil
To satisfy my mental hunger
If I wasn't immortal I would be dead (again)
For the last time

No one will ever know
What it was that swallowed eternity
A shadow will come from the past
And take me


I'm calling you to me
Hear my words in yout mind
Hear me speak without tunes
From the endless worlds of fire

I have found you
I'm now the tormentor of your soul
Wherever you may hide
I will turn light for you to darkness

Ancient spirits
Created by evil
Follow my voice

I can see destruction from a different side now
When the demons have drowned my mind
You can't hide in the darkness
If you don't belong to it

7. F.T.W.

Into the void, where silence dwells
I can see the world, lurking behind

My bleeding eyes
It's disgusting appearance
Wanna make it dissapear
Put out all life


Into the void, where silence dwells
No light...Darkness
I will follow the path to nothing and everything!

8. Endless Fields Of Sorrow

Over endless field of sorrow
Through dark woods of Silvan
Following the voice of Satan
To a kingdom, hidden for light

Angels of death walking by my side
Lucifers demons entices me to him

Over empty fields of nothingness
Through everlasting darkness
Follow the path, away from mortal life
Soon I will be there

Angels of death walking by my side
Lucifers demons entices me to him

Tonight I shall die
And enter the realm of Satan
Tonight I give my soul
To the flames of hell

8. Outro