Anthems Of Isolation : Once.. I Lived





I still recall that day..
When the sun, shined upon my life
The joy, the ease, and the long forgotten feeling of peace
But now, as u walked the path of heaven
I mourn in my mortal existence
Wondering everyday, asking the same question: why!

The dawn of a new day, is nothing but a step closer to death
Desperately I talk to you in my reverie
With my dying hopes of your return
My scar is an ocean deep,
Oh, how I long for my forever sleep
I want to follow you, I choose to die
Will this ever end? Will I stop wondering why?

The sun now has shed it's last rays on my life

Farewell, my darling... Till the day I live again
When everything will be well
Yes..we'll meet, with stories to tell
You have been rested from this life, so cruel and cold
You were just too innoncent, to live in such world..


Overwhelming sadness, erases the ecstacy that once dwelled within
My days turned to years..
As I walk whats left of my tragic path
Streams of painful emptiness, hit me again and again

Im hopelessly longing for you to embrace this apethetic living form
Save me from the cruelty of reality

I feel your presence everywhere, in every path I take
Like a cloud of fog, depression makes its way

Endlessly I drown in my sea of grief
No reason to live, nothing left to believe
Oh sweet death, come hold me and take me there
Ease the pain of my everbleeding wound
Wash away my despair..

Apathy of life growing deep inside
As I drift away to those old times..
They draw a smile on my face, yet hurt..
Depression takes over, haunts me down, it doesnt seem to end

Days gone forever, but in my heart you are alive
I see you through my tears
I dream of you, Long for you
And still deeply in love with you...
Yet still, another painful tomorrow will start without you..


Here I stand in the cemetery of my dreams
Haunted by the torturous reflections of my past memories
Falling tears .. like the forlorn leaves of autumn
A withering ..flower awaiting the spring

Falling tears like forlorn leaves
Of a.. neverending autumn
A withering ..flower awaiting the spring

After the shinedown of your sun's light
I no longer fear my departure, I see it joyous, I see it bright

I swear .. I can feel the end coming closer

Shallow breaths in a dawnless night
A cut wide open.. a blood-stained ground
Red purity soiled by tears..

And as I slowly fade, I feel your presence growing stronger
I see the light from afar , at the end of my dark path
Where I'll finally reach my sweet long-awaited end

Death is the onely true thing..
Grinned I depart.. And it will be soon
The sun will set as I shed my last tear..
And my name will finally be carved .. in stone

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