Accursed Dawn : Eternal Twilight

Thrash Death / USA
(2003 - Mercury Records)



Another thousand years passes; And broodish culture spreads its wings; To take flight and devour still; Feeding on our forsaken earth.
Nature lies broken from our victory; For the good of mankind's majesty; Desolate structures monuments of achievement; Heed my words your hour is at hand.
Your time has come.
Beneath a sun so cold; You have prayed for salvation; And from this shattered sky; Shall vengeance rain down.
In a storm of broken vows; Your forgotten oaths lie abandoned; Atonement for all life's anguish; Just as truth has freed my eyes.
Shall it enslave your soul for all eternity.
Let my bloody knuckles and haunting cries; Serve as a testament to what has taken place; I condemn this world to the keepers of the night.
We leave our first life our great demise and downfall; I have been awaiting the coming dawn for so long.
Hide your true intentions; Behind a wall of poisoned ideals; Fear all that you have not known; Reap all that you have sown; For one day we shall awaken.
Shallow rhetoric will serve you no longer; Let my harsh words be burned into your mind.
I will pour everything; That I am and ever will be; Into the destruction, Of your "perfect" vision.


I had once met a soul, a man of blood and anger; He had never known, the comfort of life's tears; Something was between, both him and the sun; Cursed from the start, to bear all man's pain.
That was his burden, it was his solemn goal; He served his purpose, his own, humble role; The power in his hands, could destroy this earth; He had possessed that force, from his own birth.
And it's a shame, that this is all that remains; And it's a shame, that this hate bears a name; And it's a shame, that these acts were in vain; And it's a shame, that this hate serves to reign.
When that soul passed, it had lost all hate; I had grown to love, the torment of life's tears; I renounce my past sins, I have broken the yoke; Renewing sympathy, for those that I hold dear.
This is my burden, this is my solemn goal; What is my purpose, what is my humble role ? All alone I stand, I'll try and save this earth; I shall not stray from this course, laid out since my birth.
Consuming hatred, I leave this life, of torment in hopes, of something more.
Consume my life, renounce my lie.
I have, lost all life's breath, though I, have perished not.
Endless vision, cycle without end; Condemning image, unfair circumstance; Only these elements, time cannot wear; Were made before me, and beyond, time I stand.
This is my burden, this is my solemn goal; I have a purpose, I now know my role; To guard this sacred land, to try and save this world; Strength flows from this source, since my rebirth.
What can't be cured, must be endured; A mounting fear, has slowly neared; What can't be cured, must be endured; A mounting fear, shall remain, throughout these years.


Nothing can prepare you, for the day when you, wake up, and it's all gone.
Dreams will pass, if you strike them from your sight; The sting remains, as you weep into the night.
Nightmares won't end, forget everything you learned; What lies can't mend, forget everything you said; I'd like to pretend, that this was all for you; All for you.
So, from the time, when you close your eyes, 'til the day.
No one will save you from, the cell that you've built, inside, your hollow mind.
Images last, reminding of our endless fight; Revelations come, they will foretell your coming plight.
I am the way, into the city of hope; Soon comes the day, strike back from, that lost realm; I am the way, into eternal twilight; Eternal twilight.
So, from the time, when you close your eyes, 'til the day, you will be mine.
Nothing will return you, from infernal sleep, back to, the world of shadows.
Dreams may pass, as you turn towards the light; The sting remains, this black scar from your cursed bite.
Your dreams stood so tall, hide behind that mask you wear; They belonged to us all, hide behind facades you bear; How soon we all must fall, wither away, back to dust; Back to dust.


Oh how the torment of this life, is too much to withstand; I've tried to guide you but you, drew back your ailing hand; Still your heart, as blood pours out; Your note's killed mine, as ink pours out last words.
As it was written, so shall I listen; A farewell letter, this choice is forever.
The remains of your letter, lie broken burning; Dancing on the embers, quivering cold December; As I stand here defeated, the deed was done; As I lay here drowning, your image has faded, gone.
An endless bond, true friends were we; We existed in, perfect harmony; If only your words, could pierce this surface; Return us to our, state of tender bliss.
I'll promise, not to forget; I'll promise not to forget, that desolate winter.
Farewell to this flesh, your soul, finally breathes; Released from its cage, finally, it's set free.
Your darkness could not, extinguish your glow; And now that you've gone, there'll be no brighter tomorrows.
If only your death, could heal your tender wounds; Return to us, my serenity has gone.
Denying, your sudden, end; I'm dying, I've lost, my best friend; I'm shaking, from your, absent touch; You've never, meant, this much; A feeling, I knew, all too well; Reflections, here I, choose to dwell; Your body, laid down, before my eyes; I was, silent, though I tried; I never, could tell you, why; In ashes, does my, my love lie.

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