Abominator : Nuctemeron Descent

Black Death / Australia
(2003 - Osmose Productions)
Mehr Infos



Dimensional pendulum of darkness
Of life and death,behold
Curse ridden earth,slow extinction
In darkness,such fiery destinction
Dimensional pendulum of darkness
Of life and death,behold
Evil exalted aloud
In this hell,you are enshroud
Insipid infection,demonic phase
Divine convulsion,revealing impure ways
Heaven singed,elements annexed
Evoked from the earth,enslaving such feeble prey
Birth in sodom,create and burn
War takes place,demoralised cleansing
Martyr's death,echelons erupt
Spirits aflame with mortal intolerance
Pendulum of mammon scything
Astral dimensions rising
Godless victor emerging
On hell this world is verging
Curse ridden earth,slow extinction
In darkness,such fiery predictions
Evil flagellation,tortured vow
In this hell,you are enshroud
Dimensional pendulum of darkness
Of life and death,behold
Revel with spirits aflame
The forsaken shall engrave his abysmal name
Sublime flock to mammon
Hate for beings who bow in weakness
Slaughtered lambs
A mocking testament to the meek
Spiral down the twisted funnel
Worship and taste the sulphur
Terraformed dimensions for chaos
Only armageddon could save us
Angel of darkness,dissolve the fear
Celestial tyrant,I exhalt to defy the curse
I am the lightning streaking from the eyes
Crushing with thunder,dispersing the lies


I am the deadly comet,hardbringer of intrusion
No attempts to divert my course shall defy your retribution
Price of a stable orbit
Consciousness must be raised
Fools bring their own consequences
Evolution out of phase
Fuckindg die
Ignorance in disguises feeble
Eyes on the firmament strafing
But pacifists kept on the outer
In worlds not worthy of saving
Negative nein,fight evil with evil,vengeance is mine
Cascadind carnage,nemesis and sun
Cascading carnage,induced explosion
Irreversible damage,empower the dark sons
Cascading carnage,in black chaos shall be done
Through the solar corridors
An ancient ferrous planet core
Shock waves,polar shifts,exposing mankind's flaws
Drenched in fallen blood
Clad in the armament
Sanitised from the stratosphere
Chosen to desecrate thy monuments
The devil's head provides a clue
Hemogenous evil subduing you
Restore the virtues of satan
Soaring pinnacle of his creation
Satan is light,satan is lord
Hear the truth or feel the sulfur searing,searing...
Goat signs provide a clue
Homogenous evil subduing you
A template of ruins
Words of deconstruction
Yearn,discern the beast
Experted paths of hidden milleniums
The goat sign,provides a clue
Homogeny of transients,the flames shall engulf them too


Predatory throne in black destiny
Diabolos rages in violent splendour
Sent to commence an age unbound
Driven like nails with the force of a hammer
Initiation of the hatred ceremony
To invoke long suffering slaughter
Savage lust,necrosexual thrust
Shattered trust,necrosexual thrust
Formations of concentrations acrid
Penetration crucifix,satanic necrophilia
Incense,smoke and putrid odour
Intoxicate and engorge
Bastardising religious order
Ravaged in an infernal forge
Ritual knife flays the body
Gratifying shedding of skin
Screaming conjurations,climax
Perverse and rigid phallus
Rip the face off within the crypt
Forever paused in sardonic grin
To preserve a lugubrious death mask
And the pleasures that lie withi
Unseeing eyes,humiliated in rigor mortis
Misery seed,penetrating the chaste
Fornication inside the mausoleum
Drink the rancid nectar
The flesh,succulent after life
Suckling fluid from a trocar
Orgasmic in funereal surroundings
Imbibing the cold aura of death
Ravenous attraction to the blood purged
Lubricated orifices at my behest
Subconsciousness,the energy of death
Necromantic currents of transition
Disintering corpses for disgraceful reburial
Ignoring the winds of lust leads to perdition


Nihilism,chaos axis
Maelstrom commands,massive visions of conquest
I awaken into abhorrance,adversary,epitome of intolerance
Bound insidiously,your servitude I sustain
Offering cruel sacrifices,herald of your dismay
Willing oaths to form reality
Shattering the infidels,totality
Diligently I tear at your fragility
To be drunk on the ecstasy before me
I wield high a plague over thee
Impious indignation consumes me
Ancient ire,I am of satan's construction
In true hatred,the author of your destruction
I am messenger of cyclonic instruction
To foresee conflict,anguish and disease
Unravelling your complexities with ease
Poisoned death lust,satanic hate
To drink your blood like wine
Seeking to gratify the undivine
Poisoned death lust,attract my knife
Ritualistic visions,satanic hate
To drink your blood like wine
Seeking to gratify the undivine
Poisoned death lust,attract my knife
Pentagram carved,drain away your life
Infernal fixation of advancement
Heed the malicious,self enhancement
Defamation of your worthless form
Suffer in malignancy,slither,feeble worm
Withstand the taking of will
Orate horrific verses to kill
Vile descension becomes thee
Spurn those infected with piety
Contempt and spite,gods to which you lament
Embittered under the might,realisation of intent
Proclamation of absolute irreverence
Eclipsing the fallen,tyrranical vengeance
Pandemonium forced in the fold
Conflagration,peace removed from the mould
Ingest the blackness,blood of destitution
War until completion,no absolution


A stench will again fill the air
A burning mountain of corpses
Slain by slings and arrows
Of thanatos-foul ethos
Bleating fools succumb
As we dominate and become
Nourished by the earth
Writhing serpent surfaced
Arise in maniacal compulsion
Feeding the flames of expulsion
Black flames...black flames
Holy dogma exorcised in spiritual darkness
Foundations laid by sinners
Re-emergence of the insidious
Upon towering virile pillars
Plunge your fists into the soil
Against idolatry weakness toil
Extenguished in immolation
Maladidtion is my inclination
Possessed odious legion
Screaming forth with hate
Leading the pathetic prince
Towards his flaming fate
Black flames of expulsion
Growing in obscurity
Black flames of expulsion
Form the ashes of divinity
Confront the masses with doom
In their catatonic state
Dawning of the irate
Black flames of expulsion
Engulf the martyr's pyre
Black flames of expulsion
In damnation we conspire


Bold essence of the ignivomous,rise again
Dominant talons flex,poised to claw again
The foul breath of nephesh settles upon thee
Arrogant omnipotence,stoke the furnace of human frailty
From the cavernous bowels of all
Wretched symbols of heresy call
Restoring the doctrines of baphomet
In it's womb resides the blackest day
Subjugating clasp within a lightning grasp
Eradication of vermin,crushed into dust
Parasitic filth,dead on bended knee
Weep in earthly failure for I dwell in infamy
Exocannibalistic hunger vented
Ever vexed,unperplexed,demented
A resonant peal of chimes,fate centred
Gripping the dagger of vengeance,blood scented
Split the rocks of ignorance
Intolerant spirits announced
Scourge immortalised incessant
The end of hypocrisy pronounced
Icons of falsehood,revered in the least
Sanctimonious flesh torn from it's frame
Diseased in religion's coma,firmament of shame
Agitators assail the holy circle,dawn of the usurper
Transcend worlds of inaccuracy,scourge immortalised
Strike to defy contemptuously,liars of the light
Searing of angel meat,grand defiler
Pallid face of the goat,impurifier
Intered beneath a shroud of gloating black malevolence
A horrific fate awaits,the torment of god's incompetence
Submerged,in subservience,tales of a scourge immortalised
Iniquity,infections cleansed,lurch forward into rapture


Beneath the churning seas
Hear the transcendental oration
Searching for soul supremacy
Through penance of isolation
Virtuous serpent of hatred
Master superion I seek
The most obscure knowledge
Through the walls it leaks
Mind becomes void
As the subterranean kingdom absorbs me
Occultist enclaves
A union for infinity
The burden is mine
So too are strengthened abilities
Possessor of mystic fury
Scorching with unbound descent
I await grimacing shadows
Nuctemeron descent
Discoidal fire,war desire
Transcendental purifier
Infinite wisdom I have gained
Releasing me from the mortal coil
On the path of inneffable transformation
Supreme magus most high
Nuctemeron awaits for my descent
Underworld passage,scriptures on the wall
Caduces of etherean majesty
Depict the force,the light of animation
Sorcerer superion most high
Escape the surface world in blackened pain
Ritual now in session,elements in hand
Demonic memorial,message carved in the land
Prophetic,genius,personification of time's sand
Infinite wisdom I have gained
Rise for the brotherhood of the black sun
Absolute in innefable transformation
Supreme magus most high
Occultist enclaves,scorching spirit and mind
Depict the force,the true light of animation
Terminate,the dominant glare of submission
Purpose in desolation,to witness collective shame
Deathlike astral projection,burn the world again
Nuctemeron descent


Dismantling of servitude
Avenge the soul of the world
A world brought to death and enslavement
Pandemonic absolution the result
Strike to become the martyr
Satan brings baphomet
Representative,the true saviour
Templars give the accolade
To the leveller of falsified plains
Torching away at the world's decay
Spiritual disassociation gleaming in it's wake
Set your souls alight with the mind's lightning
Drink of his spirit in every age
Sacrificial lamb of god
On dreams of lies afloat
Half man,half goat
The supreme being gloats
Victory gloriam excelsi
Tension of black conciousness relieved
Blight the illuminated nomads of the left hand path
Life beacons unforseen
Lord of this scenario
Manifest through subconcious flames


Shinning satanic armour,to impose barbaric rule
Enraged by all seen,we recite the curse of destruction
I carve the ashen fate
Crystallised in brimstone
Arsenal of religious hate
Vapourise the populace of drones
Within the star's clairvoyance
A swarming sign of locusts
Release theb black ordinance
A wall of flames erectus
Rampant penetration,seraphic sacrifice
Besiege the landscape of holy desire
As commander and destroyer I think thrice
Your paradigms flawed,now on fire
Death projection,the priest is the beast
Recollection,two thousand years without peace
The unholy sepulchre rises as I tread
Crumbling the sacrament
Bombshells reign,psychotic explosions
It's perversion or death
The ultimate ordinance of obliteration
Fire at will,the ultimate ordinance
The sky reveals our comrades
A swift demonic breed
Those fed by this anger
Are spawned by are's seed
Failing oppression of the hierachy
The false confessions of the worthless
Cyclonic birthplace darkens the sky
Black ice emerges to command their deaths
Doomed destinations we allocate
To minions driven only by wanton hate
Orders executed against the blind
Crush all temples and burn all minds
Beneath the cross where the bell once chimed
Charred remnants of the sermon you'll find
Order must be obeyed
We see no signs of learning
The end of the ultimate warclimaxes in psychic burning
Death projection,the priest for the feast
Recollections,jesus bleeding without peace
The unholy sepulchre rises as I trounce
Crumbling the sacrament
Bombshells reign,psychotic explosions
Its perversion or death
Payload beckoning,ultimate ordinance
Condemn and destroy,the ultimate ordinance

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