Stefan Kaufmann

Name Stefan Kaufmann
Birth date 04 August 1960
Country Germany
City Solingen

I was born on August the 4th 1960 in a town called Solingen. You know that's the famous town of the best knifes and things like that in the world. My influence to start a music carrier came from my family, which was very into music. My mother is still playing in a Mondolin Orchestra.
I first started with Accordion and Guitar lessons. What my parents did not liked of my music taste was that I loved more to beat on Pots and Pans. In the end I decided to play the drums. And in bands of my hometown I made my first steps.

At the age of 17 I was very proud, to become a Roadie of the famous Band ACCEPT, and accompanied them to record their first Album. Frank Friederich, the first drummer of ACCEPT decided to leave the band after recording their first album.

I was the only one in my area who could play double bass drum and ACCEPT asked me to join them. At the same time the band looked for a second guitar player, and I rememberd my old friend Jörg Fischer. So everybody can hear me and Jörg playing for the first time on the second ACCEPT album "I`m A Rebel". Like it or not. But better be!

The Rest of the ACCEPT Story have a look at "UDO´s" Bio. After the split with Udo in 1987 we recorded the Album "Eat The Heat". The "Eat The Heat - Tour" started in 1989 and I had serious problems with my back. After consulting a lot of doctors, I hade to follow their advise: Stop playing drums!

I always had very good contact to Udo, and at this time he was looking for a producer to record the Album "Faceless World". He asked me to do it, and of course I did it. During our whole Music time I was producing the voice of Udo. Of course I knew how to work with him. I was always into studio technics.

Until 1992 I produced Bands like ROUGH SILK, OUTRAGE and more. In 1993 ACCEPT started their reunion, and I tried to play the drums again. But my back only allowed me to play until the album "Death Row".
1996 was the year, when ACCEPT stopped for good. Udo decided to start U.D.O. again. He asked me if I would like to play the guitar.

And so I came back to my first instrument, which I never stopped playing.