The Enemy of Virtue

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Nom du groupe Profanatica
Nom de l'album The Enemy of Virtue
Type Compilation
Date de parution 14 Juin 2006
Style MusicalBlack Metal
Membres possèdant cet album30


1. Raping of Angels
2. Final Hour of Christ
3. Of Pestilence
4. Scourging and Crowning
5. Weeping in Heaven
6. Weeping in Heaven
7. Heavenly Father
8. Spilling Holy Blood
9. Final Hour of Christ
10. Weeping in Heaven
11. I Arose
12. As Tears of Blood Stain the Altar of Christ
13. Crucifixion Wounds
14. Once Removed Savior (aka Disease Infested Cunts of Dead Nuns)
15. Mary (Conceived with Sin)
16. Jehovah Fading
17. Broken Jew
18. Fuck the Messiah
19. Passion of a Liar
20. Macabre
21. Of Pestilence
22. Misery
23. Spilling Black Cum and Vomit
1. Intro
2. Broken Jew
3. Fuck the Messiah
4. Weeping in Heaven
5. Heavenly Father
6. Outro