Poisoning the Hearts of Fate

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Nom du groupe Under Darkest Skies
Nom de l'album Poisoning the Hearts of Fate
Type Album
Date de parution 28 Novembre 2006
Style MusicalMetal Gothique
Membres possèdant cet album0


1. Empty Words from a Lost Apparition
2. A Place of Fear and No Compromise
3. Scriptures of the Dead and Forgotten
4. Spirit Skyway and the Scent of Angel's Breath
5. Poisoning the Hearts of Fate
6. Parasites from the Kingdom of Guilt
7. Artwork...for Dead Eyes to See
8. Bitter...Is the Taste of God's Wine
9. On through a Fractured Forest Pt.1
10. A Dirge of Pain and Isolation
11. Shattered Glass and the Taste of Razor Blades

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